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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What is a Stack? A Stack is a self-contained work area, which can be adapted by various apps to all kinds of projects and activities. Colleagues and friends, which should participate in the communication, can simply be added to a Stack, enabling an easier way of collaboration.
#2 How do I invite other people? There are various possibilities to add a person:

1. When creating a Stack additional people can be added by inserting their email address or name into the line in which your name is already displayed.

2. If a Stack has already been created, simply click on the plus icon next to the pictures of the current Stack members.

3. To invite people without adding them to a Stack, simply click on your profile picture in the lower left corner and select "Invite Colleagues". The option "Only from your company" will automatically add the same URL as used in your email address to the fields. This allows you to invite several colleagues more comfortable.
#3 Where are my data stored? All data are stored on servers located in Germany. You can learn more about the subject of security visiting the following page.
#4 How does the encryption work? Stackfield uses a unique comination of symmetric (AES) and asymmetric (RSA) encryption methods, whereby the data are protected by a client side (end-to-end) encryption.
#5 How do I upload my own logo? As a pro user you can upload your own logo in the account settings. Click on your profile picture in the lower left corner, select "Your Account" and subsequently choose the tab "Account". There you will find the upload box.
#6 Which payment methods are available? Pro accounts can be paid by credit card or direct debit.
#7 How can I delete folders for Stacks? Move the cursor on a folder and select the appearing icon on the right side. Now you can edit the folder.
#8 How can I activate or deactivate Apps? Apps can be adjusted via the "Stack Settings". This menu can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can right-click on a Stack in the Stack list to access the "Stack Settings".
#9 Are all devides compatible with Stackfield? Besides using Stackfield in the browser, you can also use the Stackfield desktop and mobile apps. On the following site, you can find the exact requirements for each version: https://en.stackfield.help/article/62-can-i-use-stackfield-on-all-devices-and-computers
#10 How do I distribute my Pro licenses? Acquired Pro licenses can be distributed within your account settings (tab "Pro Settings"). A detailed explananation can be found here.
#11 Can I use Stackfield as project management software? Yes! Stackfield provides comprehensive features, which facilitate your project management. You will get more information here.
#12 Why is my data not completely secure with SSL?? SSL encryption only secures the transmission of data between the client and the server. There, the data is unencrypted and can be read by the provider without any trouble. You can learn more about HTTPS/SSL here.
#13 I'm a student - can I use Stackfield?Of course, you can use Stackfield for every kind of group or team work. Click here to learn more about Stackfield for students.
#14 How can I use Stackfield as Collaboration Software? The thread-based communication allows a simple and clear cooperation, that's why is the perfect collaboration software for you.
#15 How can I share files with my friends or colleagues easily? Just create a Stack and invite all persons who should have access to the files which you are uploading. That's all - click on this link to receive more information about file sharing with Stackfield.
#16 Can I use Stackfield as Social Intranet Software? Stacks can be individually adapted and created for each department. Therefore Stackfield can be used as Social Intranet.
#17 Which aspects of Stackfield improve the communication of my team? Stackfield has been developed with teamwork in focus. The different workspaces provide information clearly and perfectly arranged. Therefore even great teams can easily work together and share knowledge. This improves your Team Communication drastically, because all participants are automatically on the same level of knowledge.
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