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Archiving / Deleting Items

You can archive / delete single items (like tasks / events / files), when they e.g. are no longer needed.

Note: Individual functions may not be available due to the settings of the organization and/or your assigned role! If you don't see the options, contact the responsible admin.
Further options:

Archive / Delete Items

The "three dots" button next to an element opens an extra window with the options "Delete" and "Archive".

Archive / Delete an item
Archive / Delete an item

When deleting, the content is irrevocably deleted and is no longer accessible, therefore a confirmation prompt is performed.

When archiving, the contents can be viewed again and retrieved if required.

Tip: Select several entries, see also: Multiple selection of the Elements in a module.

Retrieve and restore archived Items

Archived items can be accessed and restored via the "Everything" function in the sidebar and by selecting "Archive" and "Archived Items".

The archive can be searched for elements of individual modules and users. Only the authorized entries (e.g. from the rooms in which you are a member) are displayed in the archive.

Archive of items accessible to you
Archive of items accessible to you

By clicking on the desired item, it can be viewed and restored if required.

Restore the desired archived item
Restore the desired archived item
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