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Ways of communication in Stackfield

Ways of communication in Stackfield
Ways of communication in Stackfield

In order to make digital communication productive, Stackfield offers various options that can be selected according to the occasion and topic. E-mails and other communication tools can be dispensed with in the company. Central and targeted communication maintains the overview and context. Security and confidentiality must not be sacrificed.

Written communication is kept clear through the comment function and a thread-based conversation process. Using the global search and the selection "Direct messages" or "Search all messages" you can search for specific information in communication.

Communication Module

The communication module contains chat messages, changes from all modules and system messages of a room.

The communication stream can be filtered according to different contents, so that only things relevant to you are displayed and the rest is simply hidden. Click on the "arrow" icon next to the "Communication" tab and select what you want. You can choose between the filters "Chat Messages" (which always applies no matter what else you chose), "Comments", "Subscribed Elements", "Changed Elements" and "System Messages".

Chat and filters in the communication module
Chat and filters in the communication module

If a filter is active you can see this at the green "filter" icon, which appears in this case instead of the arrow. If you want to disable the filter again, this works best by selecting "All Activities".

Active filter in the communication module
Active filter in the communication module

Discussion Module

Important topics and longer agreements can be excluded as discussions with a title, a description and their own editing status (open, deferred, closed) and treated separately. Discussion


Comments and Annotations

Also in other modules like Files, Documents and Events comments and remarks can be left in the appropriate place and directly related to files / documents / events.

Comments and Annotations
Comments and Annotations

Direct Messages

If a communication e.g. does not refer to a topic of a room, "Direct Messages" can be exchanged between two or more persons across rooms. How this works you can see here.

Direct messages, chat with 1 person
Direct Messages, chat with 1 person
Direct messages, group chat
Direct Messages, Group Chat

If required, audio- and video-telephony can also be used for personal arrangements. You can also enable screen sharing so that the other person can see what you are talking about.


  • New line in the same text field: "Shift" + Enter
  • Correct sent messages immediately: "Arrow up"-key
  • Direct approach of users (incl. notification about it): @-linking
  • Questions (incl. notification that disappears only when the question is answered): @linking and question mark symbol ("?")

See also: @-Mention.

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