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Project management and team chat for product development and research

Stackfield supports the development process of new products while protecting all content from the eyes of third parties so as not to compromise competitive advantages.
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What are the advantages of Stackfield in the development process?

As a project management software, Stackfield was created especially for the use in the product development. In addition to a high level of functionality, we offer a data protection compliant space for your content and adaptability for individual working methods - from the conception phase to the second of the market launch.

Compared to other project management tools, Stackfield does not require a fixed installation, so it can be used anywhere and anytime. The flexible data room can be individually adapted according to your needs.

Three application examples from agile project management with Stackfield

Targeted communication for testing

To improve new innovations, the own testing team plays just as crucial a role as critical customer feedback.

For both types of user reviews, it makes sense to create different rooms. Within the communication module of these rooms the entire team can be taught quickly about problems.

Individual cases can be assigned to appropriate employees. This allows developers to react quickly to problem areas and, if necessary, to involve colleagues.

Organized task management by scrum boards

If many people are involved in the development, a clear apportionment of work is required.

Stackfield therefore integrates its own task pool into each room, assigning tasks to individual users. These can be provided with detailed information, such as a clear description, deadlines and additional sub-tasks.

The user receives an overview of all tasks through the integrated Kanban board, which - used as scrum board - keeps all processing statuses up-to-date. Due to the individual adaptation of columns, the module can be tailored to the needs of the team.

Transparent product requirements in the documents

The preparation and maintenance of product requirements are essential for the further course of product development. For example, all other development processes in the area of agile software development are based on the conception of a sophisticated product backlog. This affects the entire Scrum Team and should therefore be available to all at any time.

For example, the product owner or product manager records core information in the documents. Stackfield offers the opportunity to comment on them, allowing a free, traceable and time-independent exchange of ideas. Responsible users can integrate meaningful points into the catalog of requirements whenever needed.

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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