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We are Stackfield

Our top priority is to protect the data of European companies with the best possible data protection measures!

We are driven by the mission to make collaboration and communication as simple, clear and secure as possible. With Stackfield, we have developed an All-in-One Collaboration Tool that combines all essential features in one place. This allows teams to work together regardless of time and place - focused, fast and with the knowledge that sensitive data is secure.

Our vision is to position ourselves in the European market as the leading tool for productive and secure collaboration.

Privacy first!

Our top priority is to protect the data of European companies with the best possible security measures. Our servers are located in Germany and we ensure that when using Stackfield, all data actually stays within the EU. Compared to many other providers, we only work with subcontractors that have their company headquarters in the EU.

Additionally, our end-to-end encryption ensures that no one can view the contents of chat messages, tasks or data in Stackfield without authorization.

What are the distinguishing factors of our work?

We are pragmatic

The most direct way is often the best. We focus on the essentials and keep even complex problems as simple as possible.

We are fast

We don't waste time on theories. An idea from this morning can already be implemented in the evening, because we gain the best insights of our work from real life.

We pay attention to detail

In every task, we pay attention to detail and refine our ideas until they match our vision.

We stand together

We value strong team spirit and a good atmosphere. We are convinced that only in a harmonious community the best results can be achieved.

Management Board

Cristian Mudure - CEO
Cristian Mudure
Christopher Diesing - COO
Christopher Diesing
Chief Operating Officer
Steffen Tietz - CTO
Steffen Tietz
Chief Technology Officer
Dorothea Herold - Chief Customer Officer
Dorothea Herold
Chief Customer Officer
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