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We are Stackfield

Our top priority is to protect the data of European companies with the best possible data protection measures!

It is our mission to create some kind of virtual office that enables both secure and productive communication and collaboration with one another, regardless of time and place. We pursue the goal to meet the highest data protection standards while being characterized with simplicity, a great usability, transparency, flexibility, fun and a top-class support.

Our vision is to position ourselves as the leading key platform for secure and productive communication and collaboration in Europe.

Privacy first!

We pay particular attention to data security, whose importance has been given too little importance in the course of digitization. Unlike other providers, we set security standards that go even beyond the strict regulations of the GDPR. We encrypt all data end-to-end through a combination of AES and RSA algorithms ensuring that the data is already being encrypted in the user's browser.

Management Board

Cristian Mudure - CEO
Cristian Mudure
Christopher Diesing - COO
Christopher Diesing
Chief Operating Officer
Steffen Tietz - CTO
Steffen Tietz
Chief Technology Officer
Dorothea Herold - Head of Customer Success
Dorothea Herold
VP, Head of Customer Success and Services
Sebastian Ullmann - Head of Sales
Sebastian Ullmann
VP, Head of Sales
Christoph Bergner - Board Advisor
Christoph Bergner
Co-Founder and Board Advisor
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