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Our vision of collaboration

Illustration Web 1.0.
Exchange of letters, carbon paper, preprinted forms and folders – not all that long ago this was the standard in professional communication. But, fortunately, and to everyone's relief, many processes were made easier with the introduction of the email and the increasing digitalisation. So there are tools for virtually all tasks nowadays: internal knowledge bases, file transfer, communication, individual and group calendar, project coordination, task management, sales coordination and much more.
Confusion in the Web 2.0 through the use of man different tools.
But the rising number of applications also increased fragmentation of the various instances, which goes at the expense of efficiency and in equal measure the resources. In addition, the integrity of the data decreases massively when they are stored on many different platforms, drives, and servers from different provider around the globe - without protection against unauthorized access and processing.
Confusion in the Web 2.0 through the use of man different tools.
Communication and collaboration in the Web 3.0.
What drives us is the idea to develop a platform, that adapts the individual needs of the user, consolidates various instances of the working world and maintains the full integrity of the users and their data. We love and pursue that vision. The vision of a virtual office, which you can enter independent from location and time. All projects, working groups and contacts, as well as the associated data, information, tasks and lists are available for the user at all times.

Who is behind it?

Cristian Mudure - CEO
Cristian Mudure
Christopher Diesing - COO
Christopher Diesing
Steffen Tietz - CTO
Steffen Tietz

We gather experts from many different areas in our team, which drive the project significantly forward and develop Stackfield with a lot of passion and own ideas further.

We are highly focussed on security, which until now could not keep up with the fast pace of digitization and globalization. Unlike our competitors, we took the highest security mechanisms for the encryption of data, combined them and hence developed an own encryption mechanism.

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