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Communication and project management for agencies and consulting firms

Provide your customers with more efficiency and data protection by working with a collaboration tool, in which you can’t lose sight of the goal.
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Why is Stackfield the right choice?

Advertising agencies and PR agencies, as well as management consultants, must be able to carry out their clients' projects on schedule at any time. Keeping the financial and time frame as well as the client's goal in mind should always be their main concern.

Stackfield optimizes work processes through meaningful networking of those involved while attaching a great value to data security.

Stackfield's two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption through AES and RSA algorithms and other security features ensure that the quality standard of the Collaboration Tool goes even beyond the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Three examples where agencies benefit from Stackfield

Real-time communication in government agencies

Targeted exchange in the communication and discussion module Since large campaigns require an interaction of various fields (web design, social media, event planning, etc.), the data room of each project enables a safe and targeted way of communicating.

The communication module offers space for brainstorming and a cross-topic exchange. Also, the comment function creates overview and hereby it avoids chaos through too long chat histories. Longer agreements can be excluded as discussions and treated separately.

Files are stored in different modules via the input field "Add file" or simply by drag & drop. For web content, for example, graphic suggestions can be added and discussed directly with other users.

Fluent project management through task sharing

A broad range of tasks with many involved parties is not unusual when it comes to the implementation of individual projects. This is why a clear structure is essential.

Tasks can easily be provided with background information, distributed within all users and displayed clearly in the map view. If a separate data room is created for each campaign or for each customer, the status of all tasks from the respective team always remains present.

Therefore, it is immediately apparent how far a project has progressed and what needs to be worked on next. With this regard, collaboration not only works quickly, but also seamlessly.

Easy access to important files and documents

The foundation of good campaigns is a meaningful briefing in which all relevant questions about the company and its objectives are answered. This information can be held in the files and documents and retrieved at any time by team members.

Files and documents can not only be exchanged in the associated module, but can also be attached explicitly to messages, appointments or tasks. Links of this type, as well as the comment function, ensure that connections in terms of content are maintained. A file that is sent in the team chat is comprehensibly embedded in the conversation and yet safely stored in the file module.

Filters allow an easy retrieval of already saved documents or files. The latter can also be categorized by creating different folders. All important information is thus readily available.

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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