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Communication and project management in agencies and consulting firms

You can offer your clients more efficiency and data protection by working with a collaboration tool that prevents you from losing focus.
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Efficient collaboration in agencies and in management consultancy

Advertising and PR agencies, just like management consultants, must be able to execute their clients' projects according to plan at all times. Staying within budget and on time, and keeping the client's goal in mind, should be their main concern.

Stackfield optimizes work processes by connecting stakeholders in a meaningful way, putting placing data security first.

Stackfield's two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption using AES and RSA algorithms, and other security features ensure that the platform's quality standard even exceeds the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Smooth communication

Large projects require a smooth interaction of diverse disciplines. In the team chat of each project room, you can communicate systematically and securely. Messages appear with reference to other elements (such as tasks or files), each of which can be commented on individually.

You can easily add or attach files to other elements. For web content, for example, you can add visual suggestions to the respective task and discuss them directly with other users.

Project and task management

A wide range of tasks with many participants is nothing extraordinary when implementing individual projects, which is why a clear structure is indispensable.

Within Stackfield, you can easily assign tasks, provide them with background information, and visualize them clearly using the Kanban view. Create a separate data room for each campaign or client, and the status of all tasks from the respective team will remain ever-present.

Central knowledge management

The cornerstone of good projects is a detailed briefing in which all relevant questions regarding the company and its objectives will be answered. Files and pages are the perfect place to store this information, allowing team members to access them at any time.

Filters or folder structures within the respective module make it easy to find documents or files, regardless of whether they have been uploaded individually or attached to elements.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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