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Mobile Apps
for Android & iOS

Our mobile apps give you access to your team's data at any time and from anywhere. In addition you will receive notifications for changes on Stackfield.
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Stay up
to date
without compromising your data

Notifications will always keep you up to date, whenever anything important happens on Stackfield.

Compliance Guideline

Decide which information should be sent as notifications to protect the security of any data, even on the smartphone.

All data
of your team
are accessible at any time - no matter where you are

Within the rooms, all necessary features are available to cope with your daily work on a mobile basis.

All information on all devices

On Stackfield, all information is always immediately available on all devices. As a result, a task created on the computer, for example, is directly available on your Smartphone or tablet.

also on your smartphone

Certified by AppVisory

The use of mobile apps can often be dangerous because it is difficult for the end user to see if the data on the smartphone or tablet is handled securely. For this reason, the apps from Stackfield were tested and certified by APPVISORY by mediaTest digital.

The "Trusted App" seal is only awarded if data is transmitted encrypted, stored securely on the device and if all legal data protection and data security guidelines are adhered to.

The certificate, which includes all areas examined, can be downloaded here.

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