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Communication and collaboration for works councils

Separated from the employer's systems, works councils can use Stackfield to simplify daily tasks while communicating in a secure way.
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Why Stackfield should be used in your works council?

By using Stackfield you protect the sensitive data and information of the works council from your employer's systems and thus from people who could misuse these data.

However, not only does security play a crucial role in choosing the right software for the works council: Stackfield solves everyday problems that occur during the process of teamwork resulting in a less stressful way of fulfilling tasks. Who is responsible for which task? Which file is up to date and who is currently working on it? Is a person overtasked? All these questions can be answered in a matter of seconds when using Stackfield.

Note: Thanks to § 40 Abs. 2 BetrVG there is a claim to technical literature as well as to communication- and information technology for works councils.

Three examples of how Stackfield improves cooperation in the works council

Safe and topic-related communication

Within the communication module on Stackfield, all topics and concerns can be discussed without the usage of e-mail.

This module, like every other feature on Stackfield, is designed for groups, successfully replacing the e-mail chaos with countless answers and quotes.

All information is stored in the right place, meaning either in a project or attached directly to a task or file. As a result, you never have to spend a lot of time looking for the really important information.

Clear task management for works councils

There is a wide range of tasks within the works council and a variety of decisions must be made. Using Stackfield greatly simplifies the management of these tasks and stores all related information directly to the task itself.

This eliminates the need to search for information for a long time and simultaneously keeps decisions transparent for all participants. Moreover, only those who maintain members of certain groups – having an individual assignment of permissions – are able to access specific data.

Whether deadlines for tasks or special appointments: Stackfield collects all upcoming events and presents them clearly in the calendar. Users can be added to the tasks and appointments so that they are equally up-to-date. This allows you to keep track of all due dates.

Secure file sharing for all members

The Files module is particularly useful for storing important documents and templates that should be accessible to each council member.

Among other things, you can deposit digital specialist literature for the works council, general legal bases as well as information on legislative changes or Word and PDF templates for internal decisions or even for the reimbursement of your collaboration software.

For a breakdown of documents from several subject areas you can create a variety of different folders. Aside from that, filters make it easier to find specific files.

Important files and documents are protected on Stackfield by end-to-end encryption. This ensures that no unauthorized person gains access to this data - not even we, the operator of the platform, can access your data.

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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