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Privacy-compliant collaboration for works councils

Isolated from the employer's systems, works councils can use Stackfield to simplify their daily work and make exchange of information more secure.
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Secure team work within works councils

By using Stackfield you protect the sensitive data and information of the works council from your employer's systems and thus from people who could misuse these data.

However, not only does security play a crucial role in choosing the right software for the works council: Stackfield solves everyday problems that occur during the process of teamwork resulting in a less stressful way of fulfilling tasks. Who is responsible for which task? Which file is up to date and who is currently working on it? Is a person overtasked? All these questions can be answered in a matter of seconds when using Stackfield.

Note: Thanks to § 40 Abs. 2 BetrVG there is a claim to technical literature as well as to communication- and information technology for works councils.

Topic-related communication

The team chat on Stackfield offers a secure and concise alternative to communicating via email. Designed for groups, the module efficiently counteracts the mess that can result from disjointed messages and countless email histories.

All messages appear in a chronological chat history, which remains clear through comments. Direct links to elements such as tasks or files provide transparency.

Clear task management

Within the works council there is a wide range of tasks and a large amount of decisions to be made. However, the well-organized Kanban Board makes it easy to maintain an overview. The illustrated workflow can be easily adapted to the internal processes by means of individual statuses.

Flexible task cards contain all information necessary to process a task: Descriptions, subtasks, deadlines, assignments, files, labels, etc.

Secure file exchange

The file and page modules are suitable for storing important documents and templates that should be accessible to every member of the works council.

Digitally stored professional literature for works councils and general legal documents can be stored here in neatly structured folders, as well as contract documents and other sensitive papers. Due to end-to-end encryption, the information remains private and not even we, being the provider of the platform, are able to view it.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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