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Stackfield provides exactly the tools that every team needs to get the daily work done

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Data Encryption
Servers located
in Germany
Usage compliant with
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What can I do with Stackfield?

Stackfield is an integrated platform that covers all aspects of collaboration.

Collaborative work
Add your team to Stackfield, grant access and user rights, and work with your colleagues on tasks, documents, and files in a secure and fast environment.
Communication for your team
Quickly exchange information with your colleagues through the group chat or create a new discussion to talk about important topics in a thread-based conversation.

We can not access your data!

End-to-end encryption

The data are encrypted directly in the browser and are also stored encrypted on our servers. Only your team can decrypt this data - nobody else.

Based in Germany and fully GDPR compliant

Stackfield complies with all German and European data privacy policies (GDPR). In addition, all data are stored on servers in Germany.

Perfect for cases where protecting your
corporate information is essential.

For teams of all sizes, who work together on projects or need to communicate with each other.

Marketing and PR Agencies
Keep your documents and communication safe even if you are in contact with people working outside of your company.
Associations and Foundations
Keep your information, that are not intended for the public, secret and work efficiently on projects and tasks with your entire team.
Product Development and Research
Send confidential documents that contain information about your intellectual properties without any worries and retain control over all related tasks.
Engineers and Architects
Communicate over secure data rooms with your partners, investors or external project participants and also keep track of all involved people and projects.
Consulting Firms and Lawyers
Share sensitive documents and communicate securely with your colleagues, the legal department or your clients by using end-to-end encrypted data rooms.
Banking and Private Equity
Send large and important files to your investors, clients or partners. Your files are always available and up to date.