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Stackfield and Accessibility


A new elevator in the train station, a ramp in front of the entrance to the town hall, or guide systems for people with visual impairments on the train platform: accessibility in public spaces has been a topic for a long time and is gaining increasing attention. But what about the digital world? Numerous processes are only handled online these days. There is not always an alternative, and features for people who depend on them are almost non-existent.

Why Stackfield?

Keeping Stackfield simple and easy for our users has always been our top priority: minimalist designs, but still a large pool of features. Unfortunately, there is often a fine line between overwhelm and understanding, especially for people with impairments this can quickly become a problem. We wish to make Stackfield approachable for all people. The demand for accessibility was there and we responded!

Equity instead of Equality

What matters to us now: The needs of each individual are seen and heard.

Our path to accessibility

We sat down in a small team and reflected: What can and should be implemented in the first place to create accessibility in the digital space? Which changes will have the greatest effect? Our winners were quickly decided. Now they're a permanent part of Stackfield.

1. Compatibility of Stackfield with Screen Readers

By implementing many small changes in the background, we have optimized Stackfield to make the use of screen readers as easy as possible. No information must get lost, Stackfield should remain a help and not become a problem of its own.

2. Dark and Contrast Mode

For people who are sensitive to glare, we have implemented a Dark Mode, giving them the opportunity for a more pleasant user experience. People with visual impairments can benefit from the contrast mode.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Our Keyboard Shortcuts allow you to navigate through all of Stackfield via quick access. Especially for people with motor and/or visual impairments, they provide support.

During the implementation, we have oriented ourselves on the 4 pillars of accessibility*

1st PillarPerceptibility
2nd PillarUsability
3rd PillarComprehensibility
4th PillarRobustness

*according to BITV and WCAG standards

What else can you look forward to?

  • Learning Center articles on all helpful features with explanation guides and various tips
  • Special training for our support team on how to advise users with impairments: What to consider? How do we proceed?
  • Optimization of the mobile use of Stackfield for people with motor impairments

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