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Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

Over the past few years, the climate crisis has emerged as one of the greatest challenges of our time.


The man-made greenhouse effect is constantly being exacerbated by the enormous carbon dioxide emissions of large corporations. As an end consumer, there is little we can do to compensate and counteract climate change. We aim to help, to lead by example and to be a role model for competitors, customers and partners. As a sustainable collaboration tool, we set an example for a responsible approach to our planet.

Stackfield x Planetly

To continuously take a few steps in the right direction on Stackfield's path to carbon neutrality, we have partnered with Planetly. Planetly is our key to reducing our CO2 emissions and developing a sustainable product. Their software is used to analyze the extent of our emissions and calculate our carbon footprint. Certified climate protection projects then allow us to offset and thus become climate neutral.

Climate protection in 3 simple steps

Schritt 1Measure and understand
Schritt 2Reduce and avoid
Schritt 3Offset emissions

To avoid having to rely on compensation, we additionally try to keep our consumption as climate-friendly and low as possible. We therefore attach particular importance to supplying our office building and our infrastructure providers in use with green electricity from German suppliers and ensure the use of efficient data centers. Resource-saving work is just as important to us as environmentally friendly mobility. To support the use of public transport by our employees, we bear the cost of a monthly ticket.

Sense of responsibility

Not only do we want to motivate our team to act responsibly and in a climate-conscious manner, we also purposefully select our customers, partners and investors. We refrain from avoidable business trips of any kind and instead rely on Stackfield's communication channels, such as audio and video telephony. In order to make agile working and adaptive planning possible even without presence meetings, we are interested in a constant optimization of workflows and work processes on Stackfield.

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