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Secure encrypted communication for lawyers

An encrypted communication tool for the team in the office and for clients alike should not be complicated. Try Stackfield!

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How Stackfield works

On Stackfield, you can create secure data rooms, which are automatically encrypted. These channels can be used both for internal group-communication with colleagues and for external communication with clients. In addition to enhanced communication, the rooms can be equipped with additional apps. For example, you can add extensions for task management, file sharing, or scheduling. Thus, all relevant processes from a law firm can be easily and quickly reproduced on Stackfield.

How the use of Stackfield looks like in your law office

You can create a different data room for each client or file. This division helps you to separate the files of the clients, but also helps to keep track of the notes and messages from the different team members regarding a client. Therefore open rooms provide a clear overview of all current mandates. Finalized mandates can be easily closed and archived.

Stackfield is equally suitable for internal communication in the law firm. Through the thread-based and chronological structure of the rooms, it’s extremely easy to keep a close eye on a conversation involving multiple participants. In this way, the flood of e-mails that were created with CC and BCC is drastically reduced. In addition, you can comment on each message, task or file, transforming the communication process into a streamlined, focused one.

Data rooms permit files sharing. The files are simply dragged and dropped into the Stack. The encryption takes place directly in the browser and files can only be accessed by members of the room. (Each room is encapsulated from the other rooms.) No other person has access to the data. Even we, as a platform operator, can’t decrypt your data.

Data security builds trust between the client and the attorney

On Stackfield all relevant data are protected through a client-side encryption process, also called end-to-end encryption. This means that all relevant data are encrypted directly in the browser while uploading. As a result, sensitive information will never leave your device unprotected. The data stay encrypted until they are downloaded or displayed through your browser. In between, no one has access to the data.

Our servers are entirely located in Germany. The location provides further protection from unauthorized access, on top of the data being stored encrypted on the servers. Therefore you can store customer data on our servers without violating the German data protection laws.

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Easy communication within the firm

With Stackfield countless e-mails, which contain quotations of others and have therefore a confusing course of conversation, are finally eliminated. On Stackfield you can comment and refer directly on any message. Through this kind of direct team communication, each member is always aware of the latest knowledge and messages in the communication stream. In addition, you can create tasks, share files and coordinate appointments. Since all these actions are concentrated on a single platform, all needs for additional tools are eliminated. Each team member can start working immediately, without the hustle of manual key exchanges that are required on other instances, such as PGP. Stackfield can be used easily by anyone.

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