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Collaboration and communication for law firms and auditors

With Stackfield, lawyers work together on documents, manage projects and tasks in teams, and exchange messages and files in real time.
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Why Stackfield should be used in law firms?

A law firm is a carrier of highly sensitive data and therefore has to protect it. This is what the law requires: Revised in 2017, § 203 of the German Penal Code is directed at professional secrecy holders such as attorneys, notaries or tax consultants and commits them to the unrestricted protection of information. A violation can have serious consequences and result in both fines and imprisonment.

Designed to meet the highest standard of data privacy, Stackfield complies with legal requirements by providing secure end-to-end encryption of all information.

Three examples of how Stackfield simplifies the work in your law firm

Secure information exchange within your law firm

From the first qualified assessment to the planning of court proceedings – lawyers benefit from communicating with colleagues from other law departments, broadening their own perspectives.

In the team chat, members can swap ideas quickly and directly relate their messages by uploading associated files.

Furthermore, they can work on documents together, while different labels indicate the current state of processing. By commenting certain messages, files or documents one can guarantee that cohering content is connected properly.

Tasks and projects for more transparency

Stackfield helps you manage a wide range of tasks. The simple assignment of individual tasks creates a well-organized work system in which no ambiguity remains.

You always know what was done last, what is being worked on at the moment and what your team has to do next. The Kanban board keeps the respective task status ever-present for all participants and also informs about the deadlines.

Approvals and individual workflows

Individually designed approval workflows help to complete tasks in a regulated manner. For example, it can be specified that certain files require approval or that completed tasks end up at the user’s dashboard again, who created the task in the first place.

Certain groups of rights may be required to first hand over completed tasks to an appropriate person before the task can be finally labeled "done".

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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