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Secure exchange of sensitive data in banking and private equity

Stackfield enables secure data exchange with business partners, investors and employees, as especially carriers of particularly sensitive data require optimal protection.
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Compliance in digital collaboration even within the financial sector

Communication in the financial sector often involves the exchange of highly sensitive customer data - such as the launch of new funds in collaboration with asset managers or the internal processing of customer orders.

You want to provide a fast service while radiating a high degree of security. With the unique encryption through AES and RSA algorithms, Stackfield provides the highest level of protection and gives you full control over who has access to your data and who has not.

Stackfield’s security standards are compliant with privacy, data protection and security requirements as legally required. This means that even information carriers in finance do not have to worry about how to handle sensitive content. Individual data rooms for various departments simultaneously guarantee a targeted exchange of information.

Fast and secure communication

The communication tool enables real-time correspondence regardless of location. All elements such as messages, tasks, appointments, documents, files, etc. are directly linked to each other.

Hence, important information is always directly linked to the corresponding element while being listed in the chronological message history of the team chat at the same time. This ensures more transparency and thus also speeds up transaction processing.

Project and task management

Stackfield's Kanban Board organizes tasks for all members in a simple and clear way. Through individually defined workflows, the task status in all processes can be viewed at any time and requests from bank customers and investors as well as projects with external business partners can be processed quickly and in an organized manner.

You can easily assign tasks to one or more members and provide them with all important key data.

Effortless file exchange

Users exchange files that hold sensitive customer information securely and systematically within encrypted data rooms. You can add files to the respective room via drag & drop or the upload button. Moreover, you can be attached them directly to tasks and other elements to remain coherence.

Filters and file folders make it easy to structure the storage system and to find all relevant content within seconds.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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