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Business communication is an important part of your daily work,
which can be easily protected with Stackfield.

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Stackfield is the ideal chat solution for your business

Simply create different chat rooms on Stackfield and add all needed persons to it. Your messages will be automatically encrypted within the browser. This kind of encryption is called end-to-end encryption, because your data are encrypted at one end (your device) and will stay encrpyted until an authorized person on the other end accessess them. In between, the data will stay encrypted, even on our servers. Therefore nobody elso, even nobody of our team at Stackfield, can access your data.

What's the benefit of using Stackfield as buniess chat software?

First of all, Stackfield's end-to-end encrypted chat / data rooms are much more secure than using emails or services without encryption. In addition, all data rooms are offering an extensive file management system, so that you can organize all files and keep track of all changes and different versions. Hereby, you save a lot time, because you won't have to search countless emails or messages to find the right document. But there's another security aspect: Stackfield provides the possibility to set compliance guidelines. This kind of organizational structure also enables you to add and delete users with on click, whereby they will be automatically removed from all conversations.

Our end-to-end encryption is easy to use and unnoticeably fast

All relevant data are encrypted directly in the browser. This process is called end-to-end encryption. Therefore, no sensitive data will leave your device unprotected. Our servers are exclusively positioned in Germany. Hereby further protection of your data is guaranteed. As a Germany company, we are no subject of the Patriot Act.

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