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Your secure business chat rooms

Many companies still use separate chat tools. The problem this creates is that communication takes place separately from the actual topics of collaboration. This means, for example, that tasks are managed in one tool but discussed in another. The challenge this creates is all too clear: conversations on a certain topic fail to stay transparent for everyone. Important information and decisions are distributed across different platforms, increasing the risk of being overlooked.

Stackfield was developed to eliminate this problem. Communication, project management and collaboration take place together in self-contained workspaces. All content - whether it is taks, messges, files etc. - is linked to each other in order to keep important data clearly organized and accessible at all times.

Central communication

The team chat is the heart of a room. It provides a consecutive stream to all activities taking place in a room and allows to react or comment directly on them.

All elements that are exchanged and shared are thus embedded directly into the course of the conversation. The exchange of elements remains accessible via the individual elements.

Clear task management

A business chat is primarily used for information and conversation purposes. However, this is much easier if project management and task management can also be handled in the same place.

Tasks can be created directly within the tool, visualized using different project views and processed collaboratively. Communication on tasks takes place directly in the task cards.

Collaborative file management

Files can be attached to all types of element (e.g. to tasks, appointments, pages and other files) and commented individually. Thus, there is no room for misunderstandings while all key data and decisions about files are clearly listed.

If a file has been edited, simply upload a new version. Stackfield also keeps the old one available for everyone to indicate individual editing steps.

Stackfield includes a business chat that is absolutely secure

Your messages will be automatically encrypted within the browser. This kind of encryption is called end-to-end encryption, because your data are encrypted at one end (your device) and will stay encrpyted until an authorized person on the other end accessess them. In between, the data will stay encrypted, even on our servers. Therefore nobody elso, even nobody of our team at Stackfield, can access your data.

In addition, Stackfield includes a sophisticated rights system, fine-grained permission and usage settings at global and room-specific levels, and advanced security measures that ensure absolute GDPR compliance and IT security.

As such, usage is not only legally compliant but also individually adaptable to the company's own compliance regulations. You can find all information about security with Stackfield at:

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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