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Project management for the automotive industry and engineering

Above all, large projects require secure communication channels and teamwork. An efficient and simple collaboration ensures the success of future projects.
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Data security in project management

Great collaboration forms the basic framework of all large projects, which is why it has to work absolutely flawless. Engineers set this standard for themselves in planning and construction, as they coordinate their own plans with the individual ideas of their clients and the input of colleagues from different disciplines on a daily basis.

As a collaboration platform, Stackfield is a helpful support that can be used to structure and optimize the workflow between many participants without threatening the security of confidential information.

For this reason, Stackfield offers a data-protection-compliant space to which even we, as platform operators, have no access, in addition to a wide range of functions for communication as well as for scheduling and task planning.

Efficient communication

In order to be able to create designs for constructions such as machines or buildings, you need precise base estimates and good coordination with all parties involved.

All elements, whether files or tasks, end up in the communication module, where you can directly comment on them and discuss them in detail. In this way, you maintain interrelationships and a neat overview for your message stream.

Transparent task management

To keep workflows organized and visible, tasks can be assigned to one or more users within each room. They can be tagged with additional information to keep the most important details at hand (descriptions, subtasks, due dates, etc.).

The task status and workflow results from the Kanban Board, which takes into account all tasks of the entire project.

Coordination & planning with all stakeholders

Stackfield provides space for all important information and documents, e.g. sketch files and project plan pages, to be presented and discussed directly within the team.

Since members basically only have access to those rooms to which they have been added and access rights can be restricted individually, you can even add clients and external partners to the system to make them part of the planning process without concern.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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