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Project management and data security in the automotive industry and engineering

Large projects primarily require secure communication channels and teamwork. Through a functional and simple collaboration, your employees ensure the success of future projects.
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How does Stackfield improve collaboration within our projects?

Teamwork is the base of all major projects and it has a huge influence on the final result. Day by day engineers coordinate their own plans with the individual ideas of their clients and the input of colleagues from different fields. Hence, it is of particular concern to focus on solid collaboration strategies during the process of design and construction.

Stackfield is a collaboration platform that helps structure and streamline the workflow between many participants without compromising the security of confidential information. In addition to a variety of functions for communication as well as for scheduling and task planning, Stackfield offers a privacy-compliant space to which even we, as platform operators, have no access.

Three examples in which Stackfield optimizes the project management in engineering

Efficient communication processes

In order to be able to create designs for constructions such as machines or structures, it is necessary to determine the exact basics in coordination with all involved parties.

In the communication module members can be linked and individual messages can be answered directly. In this way, relationships are maintained and message histories are kept clear.

Documents can be created for all important information and requirements, so that the team can always handle them later.

Transparent task management

To keep the workflows as organized and present as possible, tasks within the various data spaces can be assigned to one or more users.

They can be provided with further information in order to have the most important data at hand (descriptions, sub-tasks, due dates, etc.). This creates a well-structured system in which everyone knows what has already been done and what to do next.

The task status appears on the Kanban board whose overview takes into account the tasks of all team members of a project.

Design planning with the file manager

Files can be securely uploaded and dragged and dropped in the respective room. For example, drafts can be presented to the team, which can comment on individual segments directly in the image.

Through links to messages or tasks, files are always in the context of the planning process flow. They can be uploaded directly in the team chat or in a task.

As members only have access to the rooms to which they have been added and users’s rights can be individually restricted, contractors and external partners can also be added and integrated into the planning process.

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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