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Communication and collaboration for universities and educational institutions

Functional collaboration and communication channels are the cornerstones of smooth processes and success at universities and colleges. Stackfield provides just that, without neglecting data privacy.
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Privacy and ease of collaboration at schools and universities

Within educational institutions, there are many different groups of people interacting on a daily basis. The goal is to guarantee both successful collaboration between students and teachers or lecturers as well as clear communication structures with the academic administration. However, if several parties are involved, it is likely there will be problems in the course of studies or administrative procedures, especially if there is a lack of clarity regarding responsibilities. This results in unnecessary tension, which can be sustainably reduced with Stackfield by increasing transparency and providing clear communication channels.

We guarantee the protection of your data according to the highest security standards. All information exchanged via Stackfield can be encrypted by means of an end-to-end encryption, securely sealing it off from third party access.

Controlled communication

Not all content is relevant to every user, which is why teams or departments can be divided into different rooms. The room-specific team chat replaces the opaque interaction via email and keeps things clear by providing a neat comment function.

All elements (tasks, files, appointments, etc.) will be linked to each other in order to keep communication on group projects, discussions among students and instructors, or exchanges on administrative matters reasonable at all times.

Task and project management

Teams easily manage projects, such as structuring courses and academic papers or planning events, within the task module. The Kanban Board visualizes an individual workflow to provide consistency and order.

Individual tasks can be further subdivided into subtasks, provided with more detailed information (deadlines, descriptions, priorities, etc.) and assigned to the responsible users.

Universal information access

Access to important information on organizational and teaching-specific core content can be ensured through secure transmission of files and documents, taking into account individual reading and editing rights.

For example, you can share teaching materials or instructions related to administrative processes. The files and pages created remain easy to find through prior categorization.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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