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Communication and collaboration for universities and educational institutions

Optimal collaboration and communication channels are the cornerstones of smooth processes and success at our universities and colleges.
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Why Stackfield is the right choice for educational institutions?

Everyday life at colleges and universities is characterized by the interaction of various groups of people. The goal is to guarantee a successful cooperation between students and teachers as well as clear communication structures with the university’s administration.

However, if several parties are involved, problems in the course of studies and administration can quickly emerge - especially if there are ambiguities about responsibilities. This results in avoidable stress factors, that can be sustainably improved through more transparency and comprehensible information channels.

The protection of your data is guaranteed by the highest security standards. All information exchanged via Stackfield is encrypted by AES and RSA algorithms and thus securely sealed off from the outside.

Three examples of successful collaboration at schools and universities with Stackfield

Targeted communication at schools and universities

Not all content is relevant to every user. You can define your contact group simply by defining different rooms and room groups.

The communication module, which is included in each room, replaces the often chaotic and complex interaction via email. The comment function within the live chat prevents confusion during the general correspondence by too many messages.

Specific files and documents are easily linked to chat and private messages, making it easy to keep track of group work, conversations between students and faculty, or exchanges on administrative matters.

Project management for all reference groups

You can easily manage projects such as the structuring of courses and scientific work or the planning of events in the task module.

Adequately linked to the calendar and neatly listed on the kanban board, it informs each user about what is already done and what is supposed to do next.

Individual tasks can be subdivided into sub-tasks, provided with more detailed information (deadlines, descriptions, priorities, etc.) and assigned to the responsible users.

Universal access to information through files and documents

The secure transmission of files and documents ensures all time access to important information about organizational and study-related content.

For example, teaching materials or instructions regarding administrative procedures may be provided to the users concerned.

Already created files and documents can be updated quickly and are easily to find due to the previous categorization. Individually assigned rights assignments limit the use within the rooms.

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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