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The secure project management software from Germany

Quite often project teams seek to find their solution in a large number of special tools, but this approach often fails as it separates various work areas from each other. Stackfield provides a variety of options for managing projects without the need of any other tool while remaining absolutely GDPR compliant.
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A project management software with highest security standards

Stackfield offers extensive features to manage your team and to comply with your compliance guidelines. Within a data room, your team communicates in real time, delegates tasks and shares files.

The best part: All relevant data of encrypted data rooms are end-to-end encrypted directly in the browser. Therefore nobody, not even our employees, know what's happening in your data rooms.

In addition, Stackfield offers absolute GDPR compliance by restricting its server locations to Germany and working exclusively with German subcontractors only.

Communication with topic relation

Communication and collaboration are inevitably linked to each other, which is why they should never be separated in different tools.

This is why Stackfield makes communication an integral part of each workspace, linking it reasonably and fully automatically with all other functions. The team chat provides news, messages and comments on other elements, e.g. tasks. This way, team conversations always remain topic-related and easy to track.

Task & project management

As a project management solution, task management is a central part of Stackfield. The platform includes various project views (lists, Kanban, Gantt) and supports collaboration using functional task cards.

All relevant data can be attached to tasks: files, pages, subtasks, comments, etc. Because communication is part of the digital processes, all important info remains centrally accessible.

User and rights management

Project teams place special demands on their tools. Ensuring that sensitive content never leaks to third parties is paramount at all times.

For this reason, Stackfield offers a comprehensive rights and roles concept that allows even external participants to be involved in the work without any concerns. Access rights can be set very detailed, globally and at room level.

What makes Stackfield a great solution for your projects?

These projects can be orangized quickly and easily with Stackfield. Just create a new data room for each project, like online-marketing or website design, and add all co-workers to this room. You can add colleagues as well as freelancers or external employees. The whole communication of a project takes place within these room. The planning of the project is performed by creating and scheduling tasks. With the file management system of Stackfield, various processing stages can be discussed by adding documents on tasks and commenting on them.

If all tasks are completed and the project is finished the room can be closed and archived. Simply create a new room for each new project to keep an overview over your content. Rooms can also be organized in folders what helps to categorize them by client or purpose. For example, the Stack “Online-Marketing” can be moved to the folder “Marketing” to quickly access all projects on marketing.

Project management has never been easier.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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