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Team communication with Stackfield

The days of email, cc and bcc are over. In larger group discussions via e-mail, participants quickly lose track of what's going on, because one group message may quickly turn into five message streams. The exchange is decentralized and loses comprehensibility.

Stackfield was developed to solve this problem: Each workspace, a so-called room, can be equipped with different modules. The central component of a room is the team chat in the communication module. Here, all messages and news about tasks, files, etc. - i.e. those of all elements from other modules within the room - are displayed chronologically. In the team chat all entries can be discussed specifically and all important discussions remain directly accessible via the respective element. Thus, the internal communication is always topic-specific and remains clear for the entire team.

Central communication

The team chat is the link of each room that holds all other functions together. All new activities and messages will appear right here in chronological order to keep your team up to date. The comment function ensures the thematic consistency.

To be able to communicate even more precisely, individual users can be addressed directly with mentions. Mentions as well as questions to individual users appear directly in the dashboard. This way, you won't miss anything important.

Clear task management

Internal communication always relates to internal work processes. This is exactly why it is important to understand that communication and collaboration should never take place separately.

Stackfield offers an optimized task management with functional task cards, to which you can add all key data as well as files to be able to discuss them directly within the task with your team. In addition, various project views (lists, Kanban, Gantt) help to keep the overview.

Collaborative file management

You also don't need to send files loosely, randomly and insecurely via email anymore. By directly attaching them, they are specifically assigned to a topic or element and can henceforth be accessed via this.

In addition, Stackfield collects all attached and loosely shared files within the corresponding module for you. There you can easily find them due to folders, labels and filters. Thanks to versioning, the editing statuses remain transparent and easy to track.

Stackfield keeps internal team communication secure

Trying to make internal communications efficient is a major challenge for many companies. Not least, this is due to security concerns, especially with regard to legal data protection regulations. Stackfield specializes explicitly in the topics of IT security and data protection for this reason.

As a German provider, Stackfield hosts all data on exclusively German servers to guarantee fully GDPR-compliant use. Strict security standards ensure the highest level of protection and control for users. The client-side end-to-end encryption ensures that all content is already encrypted when uploaded in the browser and is also transferred and stored on the servers in this state. Because the key for accessing data is only accessible to the authorized users of a data room, neither we as the platform operator nor other third parties can view the encrypted data.

In addition, Stackfield offers many other security precautions and settings to enable detailed implementation of individual compliance policies for companies' internal communications.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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