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Team communication has never been easier

Your whole team communication can now be done with a single tool.
Together with task management, file sharing and scheduling.

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More Than Just A Team Communication Tool

Different Apps give you the ability to create workspaces that fit to the needs of your teams. Simply add all relevant colleagues and start being productive. Each data room helps you to share information much quicker and easier than ever before. All items and events within the Communication App will be displayed chronologically, therefore everybody can easily catch up to the latest changes and information.

Effortless End-to-End Encryption

Privacy and data protection are relevant aspects when it comes to using a cloud platform. Therefore all relevant data are end-to-end encrypted on Stackfield. This means that your data will be encrypted directly within your browser and will remain encrypted until you access them again. Even we as platform provider don't know what you are doing within your account.

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This is how to effectively communicate

There are no longer endless emails that are directed at only one person. With Stackfield, each member of a workspace and team is up to date. With messages, comments, files, tasks, notes, events and rich links, there is no need for another productivity tool. You receive notifications if a person has read a message and if somebody is typing. Everything happens in real-time. Forget about the time when you have used email along with a network drive, a task management tool and a calendar.

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