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Collaboration and messaging in the insurance industry

As an insurance provider, your main concern is to establish a relationship of trust you’re your customers. Personal data should therefore only be carried in reliable and safely protected platforms.
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Why is Stackfield the right choice for Insurance companies?

Customer trust has always been an issue of great importance to insurers, not least when it comes to the receipt of valuable customer data. Therefore, insurance companies should protect their customers against unauthorized data access.

The combination of AES and RSA algorithms encrypts all the content you share on Stackfield to the highest quality standards. In addition, Stackfield's servers are located exclusively in German high-security data centers.

Three examples of how insurers benefit from Stackfield

Improving internal communication processes

Within the team chat, located in every single data room, members exchange information quickly and directly on internal topics and problems.

In order to keep the news flow from becoming too complex and confusing, the users respond by means of comments to individual messages and thus ensure a clear discussion context.

Certain users can be addressed directly by linking them using “@”. By simply attaching files and documents, they are always linked to the background information from the message history.

Efficient task management for all departments

Larger projects, as well as smaller tasks, can be easily organized in Stackfield.

The Kanban board keeps all upcoming tasks up to date, including the current processing status. Hence, it makes the task management easy and manageable.

Single tasks can be created in the communication or task module and assigned to individual users. By including deadlines, files and descriptions, all necessary information is provided.

Transparent file management

Files containing sensitive information can be securely shared with the entire team – whether uploaded in the chat, in the tasks, or in the file module itself.

Like all other content, they are already being encrypted during the upload and decrypted during the download. This means that not even the platform operator has access to your data.

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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