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Secure collaboration and communication for the insurance industry

The main concern of an insurance company is to create a basis of trust with its customers. Therefore, personal data should be shared via reliable and optimally protected work platforms only.
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A protected space for efficient collaboration in insurance companies

Customer trust has always been key to insurers - not least when it comes to providing valuable customer data. That's why insurance companies should secure their customers data against unauthorized access in the best possible way.

Stackfield helps to strengthen trust towards insurers with reliably encrypted collaboration modules.

The combination of AES and RSA algorithms encrypts all content shared on Stackfield to the highest quality standards. In addition, Stackfield's servers are located exclusively in German high-security data centers.

Topic-related communication

Within the team chat of the individual data rooms, members exchange information on internal topics and problems quickly, directly and in a targeted manner.

To prevent the message flow from losing transparency, users reply to individual messages with comments, thus ensuring a clear context for the conversation. By simply attaching files, they remain permanently connected to any contextual information recorded within the message history.

Efficient task management

Larger projects can be easily visualized with Stackfield. The Kanban Board keeps all pending tasks up-to-date, including the current processing status, thus making task management simple and easy to manage.

Individual tasks can be created in both the communication and task modules and assigned to one or more users. By adding deadlines, files and descriptions, you centrally provide all the necessary information.

Transparent file management

Using Stackfield, you can securely share files holding sensitive information with the entire team - be it within chat, within tasks, or within the files module itself. You can attach them to any type of item (tasks, appointments, etc.) and comment on them.

Like all relevant content, they will be encrypted during upload and decrypted only once you want to access them again. This means that not even Stackfield, being the platform operator, has insight into the data.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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