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Stackfield improves the productivity and collaboration of your team!

Keep control of the information and communication flow

Team Chat

Exchange information quickly with your team by using the team chat.


A special feature is available for important discussions, since discussing multiple topics in a large team by using the chat can get confusing quite quickly.

Work with your team on tasks


Use the card- or list-view to work with tasks and edit them by using drag and drop.

Individual Workflows

Create custom workflows and processes to adapt Stackfield to your team's needs.

With Stackfield, you know at any time what you have to do!


The dashboard gives you a daily overview of all upcoming appointments, tasks to be done, and notifications received. This allows you to finish everything step by step, without the need to search specifically for information.

All your events and tasks at a central place


Create events directly on Stackfield, invite your colleagues, and attach all relevant information.


With one click, you can see if the participants of the event have a common free time slot.

Share And Comment Files


Files can be attached to all elements, such as tasks or appointments, and can be directly commented.

Marker on Images

Comment directly on images - exactly where it is important: in the image itself.

Adapt Stackfield within just a few minutes to your company's compliance guidelines

Team Management

Invite your team to Stackfield and manage all users through a central overview.


With just a few clicks, you can specify exactly which users have the right to create new workspaces (rooms) or to invite new members.

What can I do with Stackfield?

Stackfield covers all aspects of your team's daily work!


Use the team chat and comments to communicate with your team.


Discuss several topics in parallel with your team without losing important information.


Create tasks, assign them to a colleague and keep an overview at all times.

Time Tracking

Keep track of the time needed for each task and create reports.


Create and share documents directly on Stackfield.


Share code snippets in the right markup with your team members.


Create appointments directly on Stackfield and invite your colleagues to them.


Upload files to Stackfield so that they are available to the room members at any time.


Use individual annotations to make the communication easier.


Get information on all relevant and upcoming events, tasks and notifications with one click.


Use the extensive filter options and export individual reports.


Connect Stackfield to external services and get even more options.

What makes Stackfield so secure?

The data encryption and decryption happen on your device!

On Stackfield, all relevant data are encrypted directly in the browser by a unique combination of AES and RSA algorithms. In this way, we ensure that no one except you and your team within a data room has access to your data. The encprytion takes place automatically in the background - you don't have to do anything. Click here to learn more about Stackfield's security features.

First-class support

Each user has an own support channel on Stackfield, in which can be communicated live with our support team. Our Learning Center can easily be searched and clearly explains the essential features of our platform.

Directly on Stackfield
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