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All-in-one project management tool

Stackfield combines all the features every team needs to collaborate and increase employee productivity.

Communication across all channels

Smooth. Central. Interconnected. With Stackfield, teams can seamlessly communicate across all channels. The conversation remains both transparent and secure!

Team chat

Within the team chat you can quickly exchange information with other members. It keeps the team posted about all news and it provides a central location for members to communicate in real time.

Thread-based discussions

If there is a greater need for discussion on a topic, you can simply move it to the discussion area. This way, you make sure that important decisions remain clear, reasonable and easy to find.

Audio, video conferencing and screen sharing

You can use audio and video calls to talk face to face, discuss design proposals or presentations or help each other with technical problems.

Project management made easy

Project management processes can be quite complex. Therefore, a variety of functions helps to visualize all projects in the best possible way in order to execute them successfully and on schedule.

  • 01. Tasks
    Manage tasks centrally in one place with the Kanban board, so you and your team can always keep track.
  • 02. Projects
    The timeline helps you to create project plans and to structure the tasks within your team in terms of time.
  • 03. Portfolios
    Need to manage many projects at once? With project portfolios, you can see all progress at a glance.
  • 04. Reporting
    Create reports as you need them at the moment. This way, project information is always just a few clicks away.
  • 05. Workflows
    Save your time – automate processes and tasks within your organization using workflows.
  • 06. Time Tracking
    Track your working time to easily see how much time you need to complete certain tasks.

Documents, wiki pages and knowledge base

Record important information on pages. They provide the perfect place to share policies, templates, or project plans with your team.

Everything in one place, easy to find

Use the Global Search to find relevant content and items in seconds.

Visual Feedback

Anyone who digitally collaborates is dependent on thematic references. The marker function allows you to address individual image and page areas directly and automatically add them to tasks as topics that require clarification.

Everything at a glance

The user-specific weekly overview provides information on everything that is currently in the pipeline.

Compliance and rights management

Set restrictions for the usage of certain functions and make detailed settings regarding the user's access rights to align Stackfield with your internal compliance policies.

We cannot see your
messages, files, or tasks!

The additional end-to-end encryption and decryption takes place only on your end device!

On Stackfield, all relevant content is encrypted directly in the browser using a unique combination of AES and RSA algorithms. In this way, we ensure that no one but you and the people within the respective data room have access to the data shared. The encryption takes place automatically in the background - so you don't have to take further actions. Find out more about our security measures.

Our support is turbo fast.
Put us to the test!

All users have their own support channel on Stackfield. You can use this live chat to directly reach out to our support team. Also, you can easily search our Learning Center, which provides articles that help you understand and use the main features of the platform.

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