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Stackfield simplifies
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Cloud collaboration that meets your compliance guidelines

On Stackfield, your team works in an environment that you adapt according to your compliance guidelines. All activities take place in organizations for which fine-grained adjustments are possible.

Freely decide whether all data rooms of the organization must be encrypted or who should have access to the entire organization or only parts of it.

Granular user rights and global user roles

Add users as a member or guest to your organization, which gives you full control over your whole team and facilitates the assignment of user rights and roles. In addition, you can also edit the rights of each user within a data room.

Team communication in real-time

Each data room has its own group chat, where messages and files are exchanged in real-time.

By using the simple group chat on Stackfield, all information remain in one place, protected by our unique end-to-end encryption, and not spread over various unsecured platforms.

Task management - seamlessly integrated into the communication

The task management is seamlessly integrated into the communication on Stackfield. You can easily create tasks, set due dates and attach files to each task in every room. In addition, you can attach files and comment on each task, whereby all relevant information is collected at a central location. The dashboard and the global task overview ensure that you always keep track and stay up to date with your team's tasks.

All changes are traceable through the version history

Stackfield simplifies sharing documents. With a version history, re-uploads and comments on files, there are never questions like which version of a file must be used or which additional information must be considered. Use the global overview for files or the search bar to search for documents and files of all your data rooms.

All files are end-to-end encrypted directly in your browser, thereby nobody, not even we as platform provider, has access to your data.

Your entire communication, all documents and all tasks at a central place and always up to date

It is often difficult to stay up to date with all activities if there are numerous rooms and projects. On Stackfield, the feature "Latest Activity" takes on this problem and displays all activities chronologically. These activities are directly linked to the rooms in which they happened and you can directly switch to the relevant rooms.

In addition, the entries can be filtered by user and type of activity.

The dashboard - The direct answer to all open questions

  • What needs to be done?
  • What have I done?
  • What needs to be done next?

All these questions arise in each team, and the dashboard answers all of them. Simply add all relevant members of your organization to your dashboard, by what you receive all information at a glance.

First-class live-support and self-help knowledge base

Each user has an own support channel on Stackfield, in which can be communicated live with our support team.

Our self-help knowledge base can easily be searched and clearly explains the essential features of our platform.

Directly on Stackfield
+49 89 215 5058 - 40

Encryption and decryption of your data only on your device

On Stackfield, all relevant contents are encrypted directly in the browser by a unique combination of AES and RSA algorithms. In this way, we ensure that no one except you and your team within a data room has access to your data. The encprytion takes place automatically in the background - you don't have to do anything. Click here to learn more about Stackfield's security features.

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