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Stackfield is the secure alternative to Microsoft Teams

A secure alternative to Microsoft Teams with high usability, German server location and all important tools: With Stackfield your team works smoother, faster and with better transparency!
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Communication & Team Chat

Stackfield and MS Teams provide all standard communication channels, including team chats and conference calls. However, Teams separates communication from other tools, which is why many things have to be linked manually.

Stackfield offers all the important functions for project teams and links them logically and automatically. The team chat provides all news, messages and comments on other elements, e.g. tasks. In this way, teams communicate in a topic-related and clear way.

Task & Project Management

While Stackfield is a fully developed project management solution, Teams is designed for communication only and even requires the additional Microsoft Planner tool for planning tasks. Those integrations work separately from other tools, which makes work more difficult.

Stackfield already includes all relevant PM tools - including project tracking. Task managment, project views, file management, pages, etc. are linked to each other, which makes it easier for teams to remain overview.

Rights and User Administration

The rights management of Microsoft Teams is based on the administration through Office 365 with different data protection settings to be made, which makes adding new or external employees to the teams quite confusing.

Being a lightweight alternative Stackfield offers global rights management with roles and teams whose access rights can be customized. Adding users and assigning the respective rights is as easy as making just a few clicks.

What are the advantages of using Stackfield as alternative to MS Teams?

While Stackfield may offer a more extensive set of features at first glance, it feels much lighter in usage. The functions are developed in coordination with all other features, which is a significant advantage that adds to user-friendliness. This benefits all users of the tool, both team members and administrators.

In addition, those who use Stackfield as an MS Teams alternative do not need a complete Microsoft suite or other third-party applications. Project teams can put together the tool set individually and only need to familiarize themselves with one platform.

In addition, all relevant data is encrypted end-to-end and stored securely on our servers in Germany. For more information about Stackfield's security measures, please visit the following page:

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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