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Stackfield is the neat and secure alternative to Microsoft Teams

With Stackfield, your team works more fluent, quicker, and happier!

Which are the differences between MS Teams and Stackfield?


The team chat in Microsoft Teams is based either on teams or just by chats. This means that chats can be created within teams, as well as chats for groups outside of teams. This ensures that it is not always obvious where information is to be exchanged and which variant is most useful.

On Stackfield, on the other hand, there is a clear division into rooms and direct messages. While direct messages can only be used for communication between two people, a room is always used for team chats. These rooms can either be created for departments, projects or even without a special purpose. Only the persons who have been explicitly added have access to these rooms. This increases the easage of use for the participants and also ensures that only authorized persons have access to the information.

In addition, only pure text based chats are available for Microsoft teams, while Stackfield can also create filterable discussions.

Task management

While on Stackfield all tasks can be created and edited directly in the rooms, the Microsoft Planner tool is additionally required for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Planner integrates with Teams, but this leads to problems in understanding for the users and makes work more difficult.

On the other hand, no special settings have to be made with Stackfield. The various modules of a room, including the task module, are clearly structured and accessible only to the persons who have the right to do so. In addition, the communication module directly displays all changes from the other modules and thus simplifies the work.

Rights and user management

The rights management of MS teams is based on administration through Office 365, in which different data protection settings have to be made. This makes adding new persons or external employees to a somewhat unclear process.

With the alternative Stackfield, adding users can easily be done with a few clicks and you can directly determine the rights of the added persons. In addition, all important settings can be made directly in the central administration.

What are the advantages of Stackfield as Microsoft Teams alternative?

While at first glance, Stackfield offers more features, but it feels much more user-friendly. All users of the tool benefit, team members and administrators.

In addition, all relevant data are encrypted directly at End-to-End on Stackfield and stored securely on our servers in Germany. For more information about Stackfield security, please visit the following page: https://www.stackfield.com/security.

Another advantage of Stackfield as MS Team Alternative is the fact that no complete Microsoft suite is needed to use a single tool.

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