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Privacy-compliant collaboration and communication in healthcare

For hospitals and physicians it is the ultimate goal to ensure the well-being of the patient, and this also includes to guarantee compliance with data protection law when working with sensitive personal data.
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Secure collaboration with particularly sensitive data

Patient records are subject to medical confidentiality. Even though it is in the patient's interest to keep information on their health status up to date at all times, it is essential to act very cautiously.

Yet digital networks offer a great deal of advantages within the healthcare sector. When it comes to healthcare, a privacy-compliant tool for internal purposes is crucial, that's for sure. Stackfield offers the highest security standards with an equally high level of user-friendliness.

Protected from third-party access: Stackfield encrypts all content end-to-end. This means that not even we, being the platform owner, have access to your data.

Smooth communication

The team chat offers real-time communication regardless of time and location, which benefits hospitals in particular in diagnostics. The high security standard makes the platform a communication tool for physicians to exchange information across locations and to collaborate on difficult cases even though they exchange highly sensitive data.

You can directly upload files and documents, link them to other elements (e. g. tasks) and discuss them using the comment function.

Time and task management

Larger clinics follow a tight schedule, which results in a strong need for organizational task management. This can be done with lists or by using the workflow structure provided by the Kanban Board.

Departments can assign tasks to doctors and employees, that are directly linked to the calendar after deadlines have been set. In addition, you can add descriptions, subtasks and files to provide all key data centrally.

Medical documentation

In order to continuously increase the medical quality standard, various hospitals and clinics rely on a continuous medical care documentation. You can store this information securely encrypted within the files module and update it at any time.

Files can be made accessible to all members of a room. This also means you can collaborate with other departments or clinics at any time. The comment function ensures topic-relations and due to the versioning you can keep track of all changes.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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