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Data privacy compliant communication and collaboration for healthcare

For hospitals and doctors, it is the highest goal to ensure the patient’s well-being and this also includes the protection of personal data.
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Why is Stackfield the right choice for medical institutions?

Patient records are subject to medical confidentiality. Although it is in the interest of patients to keep their health information up-to-date, it is important to take great care with their personal data.

Nevertheless, digital networking also brings some benefits in healthcare. In the field of medicine, a privacy-compliant tool for internal purposes is therefore essential. Stackfield offers a great level of user friendliness and the highest security standards at the same time.

Secure from third-party access: Stackfield encrypts all your content end-to-end. Not even we as platform operators have access to your data.

Three examples of how clinics benefit from Stackfield

Secure and location-independent communication

The team-chat enables location-independent communication in real-time helping clinics benefit especially in the field of diagnostics. The high safety standard makes the platform a communication medium in which doctors can exchange information across locations and collaborate in difficult cases.

To keep the live-chat manageable, difficult topics are simply spun off into discussions.

Files and documents can be related to content by their direct upload within the chat.

Appointment and task management in clinics

Large clinics follow a tight schedule, which requires an organized appointment and task management.

Departments can assign tasks to doctors and employees and link them directly to the calendar by setting a deadline. In addition, descriptions, subtasks and files can be added to provide all key data in the task itself.

The Kanban board provides information about the current processing status of each task of the data room.

Medical documentation

In order to steadily increase the medical quality standard, various hospitals and clinics rely on ongoing documentation of medical care.

Such information can be easily recorded and updated continuously in the document module. Documents can be made accessible to all members of a room and can therefore be retrieved at any time across departments as well as across clinics.

The comment feature allows individual users to refer to document content.

End-to-End Encryption for highest safety standards

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