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Secure Collaboration Software

Whether in small or large companies - communication is a crucial aspect for successful collaboration. This is exactly where Stackfield comes in. By creating reasonable links to all other work areas, the thread-based communication supports a simple and clear collaboration, without ignoring any topic relation. This way, the collaboration software makes teamwork effortless and more efficient.

Communication with ease

Stackfield's Team Chat is a secure and concise alternative to email exchange. The module specifically supports real-time communication in larger groups.

All news, be it messages or simply actions, appear in a chronological chat history. This way, users maintain the topic reference to individual elements such as tasks, files or appointments by means of direct comments.

All tasks within one platform

On Stackfield, all the elements play together to take collaboration in your team to a new level. All important information (files, comments, subtasks, deadlines, assignments, dependencies, etc.) can be attached directly to tasks for quick access.

Use different views - Task Lists, Kanban Boards or Gantt Charts - to perfectly visualize your workflows and project plans.

Collaboration tool with end-to-end encryption

What is end-to-end encryption? This term refers to the process whereby all relevant data is encrypted on the client side. This means, the decription takes place in the browser of the sender, while decription happens only on the device of the user that is authorized to access the date. You created this authorization when adding the user to the respective work area/room.

Now, this process ensures that nobody else can see which files or messages are stored within a data room except authorized members, not even Stackfield being the software provider. Additionally, our tool is protected by SSL TLS 1.2 technology.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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