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Stackfield – Your new collaboration software

Small and large companies have the same problem – there is always the problem of information transfer. But Stackfield comes to the rescue. The thread-based communication allows communication in such a clearly arranged way that social collaboration is lifted to a new level. Additionally Stackfield's Basic-Accounts are free of charge!

Client-side encryption - End-to-End Encryption

The only collaboration tool with end-to-end encryption

What is an End-to-End encryption? This term simply describes that all data are encrypted on one end by the sender, for example by the computer of Anna, and decrypted on the other end, for example by the notebook of Max. Therefore nobody in between can read or see which files or texts are saved in your data rooms. Currently no other collaboration tool is offering such a high level of security. Additionally our tool is protected by SSL with TLS 1.2.

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Stackfield simplifies your communication and collaboration

Online collaboration - but fast and responsive like in real life

Everything on Stackfield happens in real-time. You may know the feeling from instant messaging - there are no loading times for the communication stream. You will receive notifications if somebody reads your mails or is typing in some new text. All this happens online - collaboration without the need to install a new software on every device. This enables all of your coworkers and clients to use Stackfield as collaboration tool, even if they don’t have the permission to install new software on their devices.

Stackfield simplifies your communication and collaboration
Social Collaboration has never been easier before.

One collaboration platform to do it all

Besides communicating encrypted, you are able to lift collaboration within your team to a new level. Everthing within Stackfield is linked together. Just upload a file, attach it to a new task and assign it to the right person. Due dates will be added to the calendar and files will be sorted through the file management system. If there is a new version of a file just drop it the room. Then you can choose whether you want to upload a new file or to save a new version of the old file. Everything happens seamless - as never seen before in cloud collaboration.

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