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Easy file sharing with Stackfield

Nearly every case of internal collaboration involves the exchange of a large quantity of files and documents. However, email correspondence makes things unwieldy and cumbersome. Cloud-based file storage services are a good solution for storing files, but collaboration and communication on files comes up short.

Stackfield was created to enable teamwork smoothly, making it easier and finally secure to share and collaborate on files with your team and external partners.

File sharing with communication

Because collaboration on files requires more than just simply sharing them you may want a solution that supports direct communication on files.

As with all other elements, you can easily comment on files on Stackfield and attach them to other elements (e.g. tasks). This way, the exchange within your team remains topic-related and decisions remain transparent.

Organized file storage

Whether you have attached files to tasks, appointments or pages, or uploaded them without any reference - they will be stored collectively within the file module of the topic-specific room you have shared them in.

Create folders to organize the files systematically and use the filter and search function to find them quickly and with ease.

Easy collaboration on files

With the help of the marker function, you can directly address the contents of an image file to prevent any misunderstandings right from the beginning.

If the file has been attached to a task, these annotations automatically appear in a "subtasks" list within the task so that they can be checked off after clarification with the team.

External file sharing

If you want to share files with external partners who are not members of your organization on Stackfield, you can enable file sharing for those files.

Stackfield creates a link for you that you can easily send to people. If it is an encrypted file with more sensitive content, Stackfield creates an additional password that you can send separately. If there is no need for access anymore, you can simply deactivate the file sharing again.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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