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Easy file sharing with Stackfield

There are numerous possibilities to share your files with your colleagues or friends – but there is just one way to do it easily within your group without the need to install new software on your device: Stackfield.

Sichere Kommunikation mit clientseitiger Verschlüsselung

Just create a new Stack (i.e. a workspace) and invite all the persons to whom you would like to share your files. And that’s it. You just created your distribution network which makes your uploaded files accessible to them. The last step is to upload your files via Drag&Drop.

This easy file sharing even provides some more features to simplify your work:

  • 1. You can add comments to each file. Thus the communication is no longer separated from the files and your annotations are always and for everybody accessible.
  • 2. Upload new versions of a file by dropping it on an old file. For each version there will be a new comment with the upload date.
New versions of a file can be easily uploaded.
  • 3. You can display the history of a file and download older versions.
  • 4. Right-click on a file and directly attach it to a new task.
  • 5. Create folders to organize the files within the Stacks.
New versions of a file can be easily uploaded.

There are a lot of more features within Stackfield's Files-App - your collaboration will be simplified significantly.

Additionally all files are stored encrypted through an end-to-end encryption. Learn more about Stackfield's security standards.

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