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Stackfield Enterprise

Offers features that simplify the use in large companies.
Especially with a large number of employees and teams, the following features help to ensure a smooth working day:
  • Advanced log statistics
  • IP Whitelist
  • Advanced compliance rules
  • Single Sign-On
  • Own E-Mail templates
  • Custom Theme
  • Extended profiles for users
  • User provisioning over API
  • Priority support
  • Individual contracting
  • Team webinar for admins
  • Invoice paying for multiple organisations
Contact sales
Tel.: 0049 (0) 89 215 5058 40

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a special offer for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions?

Especially for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions, Stackfield offers a discounted plan, which offers the same features as the Team version. This offer is currently available for German institutions and organizations only. On the following page you, can find out more about the conditions for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions: https://www.stackfield.com/de/nonprofit

Can I add guests?

Yes, you can add guests to your organization. Guests only have access to rooms to which they were added. All other features, such as the global task overview, the dashboard or being added automatically to a room, are not available for guests. It's useful to add a person as a guest to your organization, if you want to communicate with external partners.

What payment methods do you accept?

In addition to Visa or MasterCard, we also accept payments by direct debit.

What happens after my trial period?

After the trial period, your organization will be set on hold. Don't worry - your data will not be lost! After the trial period, you can activate the organization by entering your payment information.

What is the duration of my contract?

You can freely decide how long you want to run your contract. You can choose between the monthly and the annual payment of your accounts. there is no notice period.

Can I pay my accounts annually?

The accounts can be paid annually. At the annual payment we give you a discount of two months, so you only have to pay ten out of twelve months.

Is it possible to expand the storage capacity?

For a small monthly fee we will activate more storage space. Just contact our support team!

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