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Looking for an alternative to factro? Welcome to Stackfield!

Stackfield includes all the features you will need on daily collaboration, which includes wide-ranging task & project management tools, file and document management and communication channels that support topic related exchange within your team. Besides being hosted on German servers only, Stackfields end-to-end encryption is there to keep your data safe and sound.
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Communication & Team Chat

Clearly defined communication channels will also improve the task management. That's why Stackfield's rooms, in addition to task and event management, also include a team chat that keeps relations to other modules, such as tasks.

Stackfield keeps the communication clear by enabling targeted comments and attaching files in all modules. Relevant information is therefore provided centrally and processes remain comprehensible for all parties involved (including newly added ones).

Task & Project Management

Stackfield supports a flexible task management offering well-structured Kanban Boards, list and And Gantt Charts, while also leaving the option to adapt task statuses to your individual project requirements.

This allows the factro alternative Stackfield to be used universally for various projects, departments, teams and workflows. Within a task, you can assign individual subtasks to different users, which ensures a transparent and structured division of work.

Security and rights management

You can globally assign users different roles with detailed rights settings. This is how Stackfield also offers the possibility to integrate customers into the processes. The role External is perfect for this.

Additionally, you can create fine-grained authorization groups within the single rooms, so you know at any time who has access to the data you share specifically in there!

Why is Stackfield a good alternative to other collaboration tools?

Stackfield provides all the functionality that teams need for everyday work, from chatting to communicating to sharing workflows. A targeted exchange of messages and comments in connection with elements such as tasks or files keeps processes traceable in practice.

One of the key points is that on Stackfield all relevant data can be encrypted end-to-end directly and securely stored on our servers in Germany. For more information about Stackfield's security measures, visit:

Sophisticated security measures and features make Stackfield GDPR compliant and therefore safe to use for sensitive data.

In addition to being used in the cloud, Stackfield can also be installed on your own servers to gain full control over all data. If interested, we are always happy to help!

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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