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Stackfield is the safe and easy to use alternative to HipChat

In addition to the chat, Stackfield offers many more features for working together that make it easier for your team to collaborate and communicate smooth and topic-related!
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Communication & Team Chat

Communication in HipChat takes place in separate rooms for teams or projects. This is also the basic work structure in Stackfield. Though, in contrast to HipChat, Stackfield also offers cross-room channels for messaging and video conferencing off-topic to make communication as clear as possible.

Within the rooms Stackfield adds a “discussions” area, to where members can “outsource” a specific discourse that requires more/longer discussion. You will be aware of all important topics and nobody gets lost in the depth of the chats.

Task & Project Management

HipChat is not more than a chat. However, to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and to carry out projects successfully you will need other tools such as task and file management or project views and tracking features.

Being an full-featured project management solution, Stackfield offers all tools that teams need to collaborate. This makes Stackfield to an alternative for HipChat that you don’t need to expand with other tools. This not only makes it easier to find information that belongs together, but also saves you money!

Rights and User Administration

While it's possible to manage users on HipChat and most of the tools needed, the rights management is very complex. If you need other tools for collaboration in addition to HipChat, you can do neither the user nor the rights management centrally.

With the alternative Stackfield, adding users takes only a few clicks, before you can globally set the access rights for them. All important settings for the use of Stackfield happens directly within the central administration console, whereby it's always clear which person has access to the data!

What advantages does Stackfield offer as an alternative to HipChat or Stride?

The biggest advantage right away: HipChat and Stride were discontinued by Atlassian, so that further developments are no longer carried out. At the same time a new registration is not possible since 26.07.2018.

Also compared to the new alternative Slack, which is advertised by Atlassian, Stackfield offers many advantages:

One of the key points is that on Stackfield all relevant data can be end-to-end encrypted, whereby your data are directly and securely stored on our servers in Germany. For more information about Stackfield's security measures, see the following page:

With our security measures and features, Stackfield is fully GDPR compliant and can therefore be safely used for sensitive data.

In addition to being used in the cloud, Stackfield can also be installed on your own server for full control of all data. If interested, we are always happy to help!

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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