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Stackfield is the safe and easy to use alternative to HipChat

In addition to the chat, Stackfield contains many more features that make the work of your team easier!

What are the differences between HipChat and Stackfield?


The use of HipChat takes place in separate rooms, which can be created for teams or projects. This distribution also takes place on Stackfield, whereby Stackfield - in contrast to HipChat - also offers cross-room functions to make the work as clear as possible. For example, Stackfield offers the Dashboard, in which all important changes are displayed.

But not only the better overview on Stackfield offers advantages: in the rooms itself is - in addition to the communication via chat - the module "discussions" available. These discussions can be created, for example, via a reply to a chat message and have their own status. As a result, each team member knows at any time, whether the discussion is still relevant and all information on Stackfield is deposited purposefully - and do not go get lost in the chat!

Task Management

HipChat is a pure chat - to get more features, which is almost always necessary for the daily life of a team, this must be done by using other tools. Although it is possible to add them via a API, the data are scattered thereby on different tools and are not only saved within HipChat.

Stackfield offers exactly the right alternative: all additional features needed by teams, such as the task management, are an integral part of the platform. As a result, no external, other tools are necessary, but all data is stored directly on Stackfield. This not only makes it easier to find information that belongs together, but also saves you money!

User rights and user management

While it's possible to manage users on HipChat and most of the tools needed, the rights management is very complex and can not be done centrally if multiple tools are needed.

With the alternative Stackfield, adding users can be done with only a few clicks, and you can directly set the rights of those. In addition, all important settings for the use of Stackfield can be made directly in the central administration console, whereby it's always clear which person has access to the data!

What advantages does Stackfield offer as an alternative to HipChat or Stride?

The biggest advantage right away: HipChat and Stride were discontinued by Atlassian, so that further developments are no longer carried out. At the same time a new registration is not possible since 26.07.2018.

Also compared to the new alternative Slack, which is advertised by Atlassian, Stackfield offers many advantages:https://www.stackfield.com/secure-slack-alternative

One of the key points is that on Stackfield all relevant data can be end-to-end encrypted, whereby your data are directly and securely stored on our servers in Germany. For more information about Stackfield's security measures, see the following page: https://www.stackfield.com/security.

With our security measures and features, Stackfield is fully GDPR compliant and can therefore be safely used for sensitive data.

In addition to being used in the cloud, Stackfield can also be installed on your own server for full control of all data. If interested, we are always happy to help!

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