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Stackfield - the easy alternative to Podio

Podio offers a wide range of project management features and modules. These modules can be individually defined by the user, but this flexibility is equally the weakness of Podio. Many users feel simply overwhelmed by the variety of options and input fields.

Stackfield offers the same kind of collaboration features, however, in a much simpler way and easier to understand by the user. In addition, Stackfield offers more and better views for tasks, which simplify the work drastically. All modules are predefined and are always ready to use. Features, like the dashboard or the global overview for tasks, provide a clear overview of all tasks and activities of an user. In this way, you can determinite at a glance who is working on which task and how far a process has been carried out. The integrated group chat and file management system also help to get your projects easily done.

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Stackfield as alternative to Podio

Podio Stackfield
Monatliche Kosten free or min. € 9 / user starting with € 3 / user
Workspaces / Data rooms
Task management
Direct messages
Group chats
End-to-End Encryption
Global user management
Global overviews
Central Dashboard
On-Premise / Self-hosted

Shortcomings of Podio
  • Confusingly complex
  • No team communication
  • No encryption
Advantages of Stackfield
  • Various display options for tasks
  • Global overviews
  • Global user management
  • End-to-End Encryption
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