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Create your private cloud by using Stackfield

Install Stackfield on your own servers to create your secure private cloud for your comapany!

Which features does Stackfield offer as private cloud solution?


Within each workspace, there's a team chat for the quick exchange of information in real time.

In order to keep information available and accessible for a long time, replies can be left on chat messages, whereby a dedicated discussion thread is created. This ensures that no ambiguities arise in the communication.

You can also leave comments on all elements, like tasks or files, mark other users, and also mark items as favorites. By having all these features hosted on your private cloud server, there will be no need to have other tools besides Stackfield.

Task management

With Stackfield, task can be easily created, assigned to users, and scheduled with due dates.

Tasks are subsequently displayed within a list or as cards in the kanban view - depending on the display mode preferred by the respective user.

Rights and user management

Both in the public cloud and in the private cloud, Stackfield offers a wide range of ways to define the company's compliance guidelines.

Through the different access and usage rights, you can define exactly which user has access to certain files, tasks or entire rooms.

In addition, external users with separate rights can also be added to the private cloud without endagnering the data security of your private cloud storage.

What are the advantages of using Stackfield as a private cloud solution?

The use of Stackfield in combination with your own private cloud server has the advantage that all data is stored on your own systems / servers and therefore no data is passed to third parties.

Compared to other private cloud solutions, Stackfield also offers the advantage of end-to-end encrypting all relevant data if needed. No special precautions have to be taken - everything hapens automatically. This means that Stackfield also works as encryption software for your data. On the following page, you can find more information about our security measurements:https://www.stackfield.com/security.

Compared to using Stackfield in the public cloud, the private cloud version also offers other advantages: You are able to adapt the tool to the needs of your company. For example, the private cloud solution can be connected to the Active Directory, and texts, colours etc. can be changed.

Does the use of our own private cloud storage have any disadvantages?

Although the operation of Stackfield as private cloud solution has many advantages, this also means that backups, updates and scaling of the servers needs to be done by your company.

These things are taken care of by us if you use the cloud version of Stackfield, but need to be considered for your private cloud!

How can I test the on-premise version?

Testing Stackfield happens in the cloud and a 14-day trial can be started by clicking on the button below.

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