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Your intranet solution - just reinvented

Dreaming about a lightweight intranet solution, that simply helps you to communicate and be productive? You just found it. Stackfield bringt all employees together and offers high security standards on top.
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A secure intranet solution, that adapts to your individual needs

An intranet has to meet a lot of different needs. It should connect all employees in the easiest way, paired with a wide range of functionalities. Stackfield directly addresses this needs. You can create as many different data rooms as you want and equip them with different modules. There can be single data rooms for each department and company spanning rooms that bring together the whole company. Every member can add personal information to his/her user profile and interact with other employees.

Besides helping teams to interact as smooth as possible, Stackfield does a great job in protecting all sensitive data, including person data. All data is hosted an German servers only and our clientside end-to-end-encryption makes sure, nobody else but the people you authorize can view and edit the information you share.

Secure Communication

Stackfield has been created with a focus on social interactions. Simplifying internal communication as well as team collaboration are our main-goals and this is where our room specific team chats come in.

All news and activities are listed centrally to keep members up to date with all the latest news. Comments and files can be attached to all items. This keeps the exchange close to the topic.

Flexible task management

Besides its aim to serve as a light weight social intranet, Stackfield provides all the features you need for project management on top. Of course, this also includes dedicated task management.

Use the functional task cards to collect all relevant background information and simply assign it to one or more members. Using the List, Kanban or Gantt view, you can visualize the workload, individual workflows or schedules as required.

Connecting with others

The social intranet solution includes all common communication channels - so in addition to the room-specific team chat, you'll also find an area for longer discussions hat require clarification, private messaging and global group chats as well audio or video conferencing.

Start a group call and share your screen to communicate with others as easily as possible.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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