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To do list or advanced task management

There is a variety of alternatives for task planning - from the traditional Excel spreadsheet and simple to-do lists to modern and detailed task management tools. Stackfield delivers simple to do lists, Kanban Boards and Gantt Charts as well as mobile apps for working on the go, depending on your needs.
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Efficient collaboration and smooth communication

The to do list in Excel is the method of yesteryear, but even today Excel is still used that way in some companies. However, this method brings many disadvantages: For example, a file always need to be up to date and synchronized between devices. If you now send a to do list to a colleague by mail, it is likely that different processing statuses of the list exist from that point on. In addition, you cannot attach files to individual tasks, which is why you will ultimately lose thematic references and productivity will suffer.

Simple to do list apps, that are now available for every smartphone and operating system, work better. They synchronize via the cloud, thus already offering a great advantage over the version with Excel. For very simple and private task management (e.g. shopping lists), these apps are excellent. However, one weak point remains: The solution is not suitable for more extensive task processes. It lacks functions for prioritization, scheduling, assignment and visualization.

Stackfield therefore offers task management on both small and large scales to suit both simple and complex processes:

List views for workload

The list view is perfect to keep track of low task volumes or to keep an eye on the workload of individual employees or teams.

The list structure is fully adjustable and can be flexibly restricted and extended with regard to the displayed key data of the task (e.g. status, due date, assignment, etc.), as well as it can be edited with quick access. In addition, you can easily filter and sort the view based on the key data.

Kanban board for workflow modeling

The Kanban Board visualizes the individual workflows of your team in an appealing way, because you can freely change and expand the status columns. Thus, the current processing status of the individual tasks remains visible to all participants at all times.

You can store all important key data (incl. files and subtasks) in Stackfield's functional task cards (independent of the selected view).

Gantt Chart zum Projektzeitplan

The Gantt Chart in Stackfield helps you visualize your project in its chronological course, taking into account all milestones and start and end dates of tasks.

All tasks can be displayed in relation to other tasks. This makes it easy to see what impact changes and delays will have on the overall project.

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