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To Do List or Advanced Task Management

You can choose from a wide range of task management tools. From simple To Do Lists to complete task management apps, there are plenty of choices out there. But how do you decide between multiple tools? Which points should be considered when choosing such a tool? We have compiled a few key points:
Online To-Do-Lists

1) The method of yesteryear: To Do Lists in Excel

Many people still use Excel to create To Do Lists. However, this method has many disadvantages. For example, there is always one file that needs to be up to date and synchronized between devices. If you then send a To Do List to a colleague via email it can be assumed that from this point onwards different processing statuses of the list exist. This quickly creates confusion regarding the current state and the status of each task. In addition, files cannot be attached to individual tasks, which further leads to a lack of belonging of tasks and files.

2) The easy and limited way to go: To Do List Apps

For each smartphone and operating system, there are now many solutions in the form of simple to do apps. These apps are syncing over the cloud and therefore already offer a big advantage over the use of Excel. For extremely basic task management operations, such as following shopping lists, remembering song titles or managing other small tasks, these apps may be enough, as tasks are captured easily and quickly. However, these apps usually have the same drawback: you cannot enter a due date or there is no calendar available, in which the tasks could be collected. This means that the apps cannot be used for any professional project or over the long-term. Tasks can indeed be managed with this kind of apps, but essential task management features as prioritization or due dates are not supported.

3) Comprehensive Task Management: Stackfield

However, with an extensive task scheduler, like Stackfield, all these problems disappear. By determining a due date or status, task management is facilitated tremendously. Stackfield also provides more freedom regarding the configuration of the To Do List. The global views of the calendars and tasks support the identification of tasks and provide a better overview of open tasks. Additionally, you can add files to tasks and add comments, so these aspects are no longer separated. All these features help you to keep track of a large number of tasks and to find annotations to a task or file even after a long time. Consequently, teamwork is facilitated and a lot of time is saved for the benefit of the entire team.

To-Do Lists with Stackfield
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