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Webmail for communication at the university?
There is a better tool!

Whether at the university in Maastricht, Lancaster, Salzburg or Munich, Webmail is often used for communication purposes for educational purposes. From our own experience, we know that communication via the portal of the university is rarely done. The university webmail is mostly used only to receive e-mails from the university or college itself. If you want to work and study efficiently with your peers or fellow students, then you should take a look at Stackfield!

Stackfield simplifies your communication and collaboration!

Communication for students. No matter whether locally, at a university, or between Malta and St. Gallen

Group work requires organization and overview, and that’s exactly what you will receive with Stackfield. Once a new group work is needed, you can easily create a new data room and add your fellow students. From that point on you can decide the purpose for which the room will be used – either for pure communication or as a fully comprehensive project management tool. You can add different apps and thus adjust the data room to the circumstances of each project.

Stackfield vereinfacht Deine Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit

The webmail of your university is redundant and obsolete

Using webmail, the communication within your team gets overly complicated. Who has already replied to an email? Who has cited whom? Did everyone receive my email?
These questions are no longer asked with Stackfield. Read confirmations inform you about the persons who have read the latest post, while the comment feature for every post and object allows a focused communication. If someone adds a new file you can directly comment on it. If this file has been revised afterwards it can be uploaded as a new version, so everyone can access only the latest version of a file without having to ask about the most current one. Older processing statuses can be recovered through the version history.

The easiest Social Collaboration Software.

Assigning tasks though webmail? That’s unthinkable for group projects

In addition to the easy exchange of files you can handle the whole task management of your group work through the Task-App. Simply add due dates to tasks and assign them to someone of your group. Thus, you will keep track of all tasks and you will always be up to date with all tasks of each team member. If you only want to keep track of your own tasks and progress, this can also be done. You can create personal rooms, which only grant access to yourself and no one else.

Secure access to your data – from any device and any location

Whether you find yourself in Innsbruck, Budapest, Luxemburg or even Tasmania, you can access your account securely from anywhere. Stackfield is a cloud platform that is accessed through the web-browser. Therefore, you don’t have to install additional software for each purpose and task (messaging, task management or file transfer) and can access Stackfield from any device. In addition, all data is encrypted by using an end-to-end encryption method, providing the highest security standards for social collaboration platforms. Nobody can access your data in the cloud, even if you walk by the wrong embassy in the government district in Berlin or Potsdam. (Of course, you are also protected in New York or Washington!)

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