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Stackfield is the secure alternative to WhatsApp for businesses

Below we show you why Stackfield is better in business than WhatsApp.

What advantages does Stackfield have as a WhatsApp alternative?

Team-Chat for businesses

The communication on WhatsApp takes place either in 1: 1 chats or groups for teams or departments. Within these chats it quickly becomes confusing when a large number of members and employees are using them to work, which is why WhatsApp is not suitable for everyday use in companies. As soon as several topics have to be discussed in parallel, the coherences are quickly lost and every employee has to read all messages to find relevant content.

Stackfield positions itself as a suitable alternative to WhatsApp. In addition to the usual group chat, which is also available on Stackfield, discussions can also be created. With these discussions, companies have the opportunity to implement a subject-related way of communication in the company, whereby it's always clear which topics still need to be discussed. A pure chat like WhatsApp poses problems for companies, as content can not be found and displayed after some time.

Task management and more

Even if WhatsApp can be easily used, the lack of features quickly leads to problems when used in the business environment. Although employees will be informed about news and can exchange ideas, there is no way to record and track information. Especially employees quickly face the problem that they do not know what exactly to do if that's the case.

Again, Stackfield is the appropriate alternative to WhatsApp: uploaded content such as files can be attached directly to tasks, events or discussions. As a result, there is always a connection to the communication. Issues to be discussed can be created quickly, keeping track of decisions and responsibilities is super simple.

Rights and user management designed to meet the needs of businesses

Businesses have special needs for using a communication tool. For example, a business must always know who has access to the data and also make sure it is that person, who is connected to the tool. WhatsApp is therefore completely unsuitable in the business sector: There is no central user administration so that data can also be routed to unauthorized persons at any time.

As a WhatsApp alternative, Stackfield has exactly these features that make it easy for companies to use a communication solution: It is always visible which employees have access to the data and in addition it can also be determined by a granular rights assignment, who actually sees data or may edit them.

Why should companies use Stackfield as a WhatsApp alternative?

In addition to the missing functions, the wide range of options in the area of compliance guidelines make Stackfield a suitable alternative to WhatsApp.

One of the key points is that on Stackfield all relevant data can be end-to-end encrypted and are securely stored on our servers in Germany. For more information about Stackfield's security measures, see the following page:https://www.stackfield.com/security.

Due to our security measures and features, Stackfield is GDRP compliant and can therefore be safely used for sensitive data - WhatsApp can not provide this and does not meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, rendering WhatsApp unsuitable for the use in most businesses.

In addition to being used in the cloud, Stackfield can also be installed on your own server for full control of all data. This also makes Stackfield the ideal alternative to WhatsApp. If interested, we are always happy to help!

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