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Stackfield is the secure business alternative to WhatsApp

Centralized rights management, business chat and collaboration features are just a few reasons why Stackfield suits business needs better than WhatsApp.
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Communication & Team Chat

On WhatsApp, communication takes place in either 1:1 or group chats. If there are several members and if there are several topics to be discussed in parallel, WhatsApp turns out to be confusing and you might lose context.

Stackfields channels are designed as business chats, making it a great alternative to WhatsApp. The tool offers topic-specific team chats as well as topic-independent chats. Additionally, you can create discussions whenever a topic requires more intensive exchange. Comments ensure you can always join the dots.

Task and Project Management

WhatsApp is a chat-only solution. In a business environment, however, communication and collaboration should go hand in hand. If the chat is separate from other tools, it is not possible to communicate on a topic-related basis and connections simply disappear.

Therefore Stackfield combines all important tools for collaboration in companies and offers not only chats but also project management incl. task management, tracking and file management. You can comment on all elements and are neatly linked to the team chat within the respective room.

Rights and User Administration

Companies have special needs when it comes to data protection and need to know at all times what data can be accessed by whom. Thus, WhatsApp is not suitable for the business sector, since there is no central user management.

As a secure WhatsApp alternative, Stackfield has extensive user and rights administration features. You can adjust the settings centrally and with just a few clicks. Administrators always have an overview of who can view or edit data.

Why should companies use Stackfield as a WhatsApp alternative?

In addition to the missing functions, the wide range of options in the area of compliance guidelines make Stackfield a suitable alternative to WhatsApp.

One of the key points is that on Stackfield all relevant data can be end-to-end encrypted and are securely stored on our servers in Germany. For more information about Stackfield's security measures, see the following page:

Due to our security measures and features, Stackfield is GDRP compliant and can therefore be safely used for sensitive data - WhatsApp can not provide this and does not meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, rendering WhatsApp unsuitable for the use in most businesses.

In addition to being used in the cloud, Stackfield can also be installed on your own server for full control of all data. This also makes Stackfield the ideal alternative to WhatsApp. If interested, we are always happy to help!

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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