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Highly Secure Collaboration

Stackfield offers all the tools your team needs to work securely and to be highly productiv.
Knowledge Management
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A platform that eliminates all privacy concerns

Over 10.000 Unternehmen companies joined Stackfield

Data Encryption
Servers located
in Germany
Usage compliant with
data centers

Why Stackfield?

All your work in one place
Stackfield links the areas of collaboration, project management and communication and provides all the functions a team needs to collaborate productively.
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No privacy concerns anymore
Through the client-side end-to-end encryption, all sensitive data remains safe from unauthorized access. This means that no one outside your team, not even Stackfield employees, can view it.
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We can not access your data!

End-to-end encryption

The data are encrypted directly in the browser and are also stored encrypted on our servers. Only your team can decrypt this data - nobody else.

Made and hosted in Germany

Stackfield complies with all German and European data privacy policies (GDPR). In addition, all data are stored on servers in Germany.

Perfect for cases where protecting your
corporate information is essential.

For teams of all sizes, who work together on projects or need to communicate with each other.

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