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Happy Halloween! These three will be scared by us!

1 min read  •  October 30, 2017
The team at Stackfield wishes Happy Halloween and a spooky night!

We are looking forward to an event (or rather a worldwide phenomenon), which brings a lot of joy, candy and a little horror to all ages!

Halloween is also the only day of the year at which our competitors can admit publicly that they are scared of us.

This occasion inspired us to create the illustration above, which shows Slack's Lion, Basecamp's Burning Woman, and Taco, Trello's Dog, at the entrance to our headquarters.

Please note that there may be extended support times during the holidays - we also have to dress up and prepare!

Your Slackfield-Team

(Just kidding - although the idea of using Slack is really scary)

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Cristian Mudure
About the Author:
Cristian Mudure is the Founder and CEO of Stackfield. He loves digital business models and spends his spare time on the tennis court.
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