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Stackfield for Non-ProfitOrganizations

Stackfield wants to actively support all those who show social commitment and/or educate the future generations
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On all user packages and plans
On all user packages
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Stackfield offers discounts for the following teams and organizations

Educational and higher education institutions

that act without profit-making intentions, such as institutions of primary education, secondary education I / II, chairs at universities or public libraries.

Student groups

that are related to eligible universities.

Research institutes and scientific projects

that are affiliated to an accredited university.

Non-profit organizations with official, valid verification

from a tax authority or charity commission that exclusively and directly charitable purposes are pursued. Possible, for example, in the case of registered associations, non-profit limited liability companies or non-profit foundations.

How do I receive the non-profit discount?

Please send us the following information by email or using our Live Chat within the platform:

  • Contact details/contact person (incl. e-mail address, optional: telephone number)
  • Registered name and registered office of the organization
  • Legal form/organization type and brief description of activity
  • Legal notice of the website and, if available, proof of tax relief/exemption on the basis of exclusively and directly charitable purposes
  • Required scope of functions/plan (Business / Premium / Enterprise)
  • Number of users required
  • Number of employees throughout the organization
  • Name of the organization/test phase on Stackfield
  • Willingness to provide a reference? (E.g. organization name/logo, Customer story and/or peer-to-peer)

We will check your submission as soon as possible and you will then receive a reply with further information about the booking process.

Further information on the non-profit discount and frequently asked questions

Our organization type is not listed above, can I still get a non-profit discount?

If you are unsure whether your organization is eligible for a discount, feel free to submit your documents with a description to us anyway.

The following types of organizations do not receive a non-profit discount unless there is proof from a taxing authority or charity commission of the organization's exclusive and direct charitable purposes:

  • Public administrations/authorities and municipal companies or special-purpose associations, such as city councils, parliaments, organizations for the supply and disposal of water/waste/electricity/heat or cemeteries
  • Health care, such as hospitals, practices or health insurance companies
  • Other public institutions/bodies under public law
  • Financial and insurance service providers
  • Professional, trade, economic or technical associations
  • Parties and legislative organizations
  • Churches, church associations or other religious organizations
We do not support discrimination of any kind!

Your organization must demonstrably not advocate, support or practice discrimination on the basis of, for example, age, ethnic/national origin, disability, gender, religion/belief or sexual orientation.

What exactly do I get from the non-profit offer?

Der The functional scope of the platform is, without any other individual agreement, identical to the selected plan at regular prices.

How long does the verification take?

We usually check the documents within 1-2 working days. The timeframe may vary if additional documents are required or if they have not been submitted in full. For a quick arrangement, it is advisable to provide a telephone number when submitting the information.

How long is the (granted) non-profit status valid?

The status is valid indefinitely, provided the reported purpose, legal status of the organization and area remains the same and the subscription is not shared with other areas/partners/affiliated companies/sister companies etc. In the event of a change in your eligibility status or other circumstances whereby your organization no longer qualifies as a non-profit organization as per our requirements, this must be notified immediately. The situation will then be reassessed.

Stackfield also reserves the right to refuse to grant the Non-Profit Offer or to change its policies at any time at its sole discretion. Should this occur and affect your organization, contacts will be notified accordingly of the contract change.

We already use Stackfield. Will we get a refund if we subsequently qualify for the non-profit discount?

We do not currently offer refunds for amounts paid to date / invoices issued that were incurred prior to the approval of the non-profit discount. We will gladly deposit the status for the next debit.

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