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Stackfield for educational institutions
and non-profit organizations

Communication, task management and file exchange play a major role not only in the business world. Stackfield wants to actively support all those who show social commitment and/or educate future generations and therefore offers a discount for the following teams and organizations:

  • Academic chairs at all German universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Student groups related to eligible universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Primary and secondary education I and II establishments that operate on a non-profit basis
  • Non-profit organizations with social, cultural or scientific goals
per month and organization
(when paid annually)
40 Users inclusive
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All prices are quoted net and exclusive of VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the non-profit price plan?

If you are interested, please send us your contact details with a short description of the organisation / educational institution (website and proof, e.g. from a tax authority / charity commission, if you have one) to nonprofit@stackfield.com. We will review your submission within a narrow time frame and contact you with further information.

What exactly do I receive through the non-profit offer?

The Non-Profit Offer is an opportunity for educational institutions or non-profit organizations and their employees to use Stackfield's platform at a low cost by receiving a discount. The functionality of the platform is identical to the selected plan at regular prices. The above featured non-profit plan for 129,- Euro is an equivalent counterpart to the Business plan with 40 user licenses and annual payment. You can also choose between monthly and annual payment.

Do I still get a discount for larger packages / plans?

Yes, non-profit organizations also receive a discount on the larger packages (= more licenses) and/or plans with more features/storage space (= Premium Plan, Enterprise Plan). For a quote, simply contact nonprofit@stackfield.com or our support team directly within Stackfield. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have!

My team belongs to an educational institution / non-profit organization outside of Germany. Can we also take advantage of this offer?

The offer is currently mainly directed at organizations in Germany, but you are welcome to send us your information if your non-profit team is working outside of Germany.

We already use Stackfield. Do we get a refund if we qualify for the offer afterwards?

Currently, we do not offer refunds on payments that you have already made. Once approved, the discount will be applied for the next billing period.

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