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High functionality and reliability: Stackfield as Wunderlist alternative

Wunderlist was shut down on May 6, 2020. Stackfield, being a comprehensive alternative to Wunderlist, offers you neat task management with a high degree of user-friendliness. And do not worry: we will stay with you for a long time!
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Simple or extensive? Functionality according to your needs

Stackfield not only offers all the features you know from Wunderlist, but even more. Despite the broad functionality of a project management software, we attach importance to a simple and intuitive handling. That's why all the modules in Stackfield’s rooms can be easily added or removed. This way, the platform will always show only what you actually need to see. Create an individual user interface from a wide-ranging portfolio of functions. Find out more about all our features.

Topic related communication

What distinguishes Stackfield from every other task manager is the deliberate integration of a clear communication module.

Participants can exchange in real-time within group and direct chat across the rooms. Yet, within the rooms, the team chat supports an exchange of all team members that is directly related to tasks, files, appointments etc. Why? So that all processes remain traceable.

Visual Task Management

Anyone who loves Wunderlist's simple task lists appreciates clear structures and ease of use. This is also what Stackfield focuses on: with simple task lists and flexible task boards.

The Kanban board provides a quick overview of the current status of a project or room. Additional status columns can be added according to your individual needs in order to easily extend a simple "to do" - "in progress" - "done" workflow, e.g. into an editorial plan or even into complex workflows for software development.

Tasks for your individual process

Tasks should include all the information needed for processing. Therefore, the tasks were designed to blend in seamlessly with functions of other modules. In addition to the task description and due dates, you can add further sub-tasks, files and documents as well as comments. This prevents time-consuming browsing between various tools.

Tasks as well as subtasks can be assigned to one or more users. Furthermore, you can define approval workflows to specify that certain tasks require an approval by another user.

My Week: Everything at a glance in the dashboard

With a quick glance at "My Week" you can get all upcoming appointments, notifications and tasks in one view. With one click, you can switch from your personal view to team view in order to see what tasks are still open and where. E-mail notifications can be overlooked quite easily. However, nothing disappears in the “My Week” view.

DSGVO compliant: the secure Wunderlist alternative

We value quality in every way. Stackfield is a German tool with German server location and accordingly high security standards. These include client-side end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication and frequent backups for consistent protection against data loss. You can find all information about the security precautions, that even many law firms trust in, in the Security section.

End-to-end encryption for highest security standards

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