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Alphabetical sorting of rooms

2 min read  •  October 25, 2017
With one of our regular updates, we have brought several small innovations, which will nevertheless have a great impact on the use of Stackfield. The following functions have changed or are new:

Alphabetical sorting of rooms

Until now the sorting of the rooms took place exclusively chronologically - with the update, however, the rooms can now also be sorted alphabetically. The chronological sorting has the advantage that even with a large number of rooms, the most recent changes are always displayed directly in the field of view, ie at the top of the room list. This sorting also has the great advantage that this kind of presentation is known from apps like WhatsApp, working with e-mails and similar: The latest news always comes at the very top.

Since, however, many users have less than 20 rooms and large screens, the complete room list can be seen in the many cases anyway, which means that the advantages of chronological sorting are not that relevant. For this reason, we decided to add the alphabetical sorting of rooms.

With the alphabetical sorting, it is possible that changes in rooms can not be seen directly because another section of the room list is in the field of view and the changes can only be seen after a little scrolling if the screen is too small for all rooms at once.

In order to eliminate this disadvantage of alphabetical sorting, we have integrated additional hints, which will appear when changes have been made in rooms, but are currently not displayed in the visible area of the list and must be searched by scrolling to them.

The sorting of the rooms can be changed individually by the user with a click on the heading of the room list „Rooms by name“ / „Rooms by date“.

Improved use of direct messages

The direct messages were and are still accessible by clicking on "direct messages" in the left sidebar. In addition, however, we have simplified access to the latest direct messages.

The profile images of the members and guests of the organization are now connected to the direct messages and sorted chronologically, which means that the latest direct messages are always displayed in the top row on the left.

In addition, the direct messages can now be opened by clicking on the profile image of the respective person. As soon as an unread direct message is received, the image of a person is marked with a number on it.

Create new rooms directly in a room group

With the revision of the room list, we have also installed an improvement of the room groups: With one click, rooms can now be created directly within a room group.

As soon as the mouse pointer is moved on a room group, a button with three dots appears. If it is clicked, a drop-down menu appears, in which a new room can be created.

In the coming weeks, we will present many more new features and news. We are always looking forward to receiving feedback on the new and old features!

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