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Goodbye Masterpassword

2 min read  •  September 10, 2014

It has been a few weeks since the last great update, but yesterday we released a new (great) update with major changes – and these are already visible after your first login: The Masterpassword is gone.

Easier End-to-End Encryption

Organize your communication in folders.

However, this has no impact on Stackfield’s security – everything will be end-to-end encrypted as before. During your first login a dialog box prompts up and asks you to enter a new password. This new password generates a new master password that will be verified in the background in the future. This password no longer has to be entered each time the page is loaded.

IMPORTANT: You can reset the new password if you forget it, but through this you will lose access to all Stacks. For each Stack you will need the approval of another Stack member in order to access it again (= key exchange). Since a personal Stack doesn’t provide any opportunity to exchange the keys with another person there is NO possibility to unlock your personal Stacks after the reset! Therefore, please memorize your password very well and optionally record the individual Stack-keys, which can be found in the Stack-settings.

Revised design

Organize your communication in folders.

Besides this technical change, we did improve the design once again. More particularly, the pop-up windows for files, tasks, etc. have been revised and improved. So you can now see the associated comments next to the overview of a file and you don’t need to change the tab for that.

Dynamic Favicon

Organize your communication in folders.

To inform you better about new notifications we integrated the number of notifications within the favicon (=logo besides the page title). Therefore you will be able to see if you have notifications even then when you are browsing on another site.

New Address Book

Organize your communication in folders.

We also integrated an address book in the left column. It includes all your contact from Stackfield. You can add contacts to your address book by clicking on "Add Contact". That will enable you to search for persons who are in your Stacks or you can invite new people.

Easier access to your favorites

Organize your communication in folders.

The selection for your favorite Stacks are now in the left column. This eliminates the need to select the right settings within the search bar.

New menu for the Stack settings

Organize your communication in folders.

The icon for the Stack-settings has been changed to prevent confusion versus the profile settings. The Stack-settings can also be accessed by right clicking on a Stack in the Stack-list.

New Logout-Button

Organize your communication in folders.

Furthermore, the log-out button was integrated more visibly and we simplified the access to the personal settings. Both can be found in the lower left corner.

Progress bar for each file

Organize your communication in folders.

There is also a new feature for uploading and downloading files: Each file has it’s own loading bar from now on, instead of the download manager. This eliminates the need to close the pop-up of the manager and you can quickly continue to work.

We believe that the change towards a single password will increase the user experience drastically and it helps us to come one step closer to providing the easiest end-to-end encryption.

User feedback was once again extremely important – hence many thanks to all those who took 5 minutes to help us out with their opinion!

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