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Migrating from HipChat / Stride to Stackfield

1 min read  •  July 27, 2018
It was the news of yesterday's night: Slack takes over HipChat and Stride, which will dramatically change the range of corporate communications solutions.

An important point in the acquisition of HipChat by Slack is also that the self-hosted version of HipChat will no longer be available and also no updates for existing customers will come - the solution is thereby defacto useless, since vulnerabilities, bugs, etc. will not be eliminated.

The omission of this self-hosted collaboration solution has already caused some concern, whereby some inquiries in this regard reached us. That's why we would like to make the following offer to users of HipChat and Stride:

  • Data migration from HipChat to Stackfield
  • Connection to existing solutions
  • Cost reduction for large orders

If your company needs a replacement for HipChat and Stackfield is an (on-premise) option for you, we would be delighted to receive a brief email explaining the exact need:

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Christopher Diesing
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Christopher Diesing is the COO of Stackfield. He loves all kinds of marketing, product design as well as photography.
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