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Great emotions at work - New Emojis

1 min read  •  January 12, 2016
The development of the next great features is in full swing, but during the Christmas holidays, we’ve managed to create a small update, which many users will definitely like: There are now significantly more Emojis available!

In contrast to all other updates, there is nothing great to explain - you can use the Emojis as you’ve done it before and how you know it from all other platforms. Within the input field is an Emoji icon through which an overview of all Emojis can be accessed. With a simple click on an Emoji, it’s inserted into the text input field. Alternatively you can insert Emojis by writing an Emoji Code, which is written like :smile: - you can find a cheat sheet for all Emojis on the following site:

Have fun with the new Emojis!

The Emojis are kindly provided by Emoji One.

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