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Hello Dropbox - Part 1

2 min read  •  December 01, 2014
Stackfield simplifies communication in teams and organizations. To improve all aspects, we are currently working on a number of integrations by which it will be even easier to work together. The first external integration is available now: Dropbox!

What can be done with the Dropbox integration?

With the integration of Dropbox, it is possible to share and to integrate individual files in a Stack. This can either be done via the “File” button in the Communication-App or the “Add File” button in the Files-App. Both ways will open a pop-up where you can choose between two different options: To upload a file from your computer or to select a file from your Dropbox.

1. Adding a Dropbox-file within the Communication-App
Simply add Dropbox-files to your communication stream.
2. Adding a Dropbox-file within the file overview
It's possible to add files to the file overview.
3. Adding Dropbox-files to tasks / notes
You can even add dropbox-files to tasks and notes.

You can also add Dropbox-files to existing tasks or notes. For this purpose, just click the “Add Files”-button.

Choose the files within the Dropbox dialogue.

If you select “Dropbox” for the file upload, a pop-up will be opened, in which the desired file can be selected. The selected files will be displayed in Stackfield after the selection. They refer to the original files in the Dropbox and your storage space on Stackfield won’t be stressed.

What are the benefits of the Dropbox integration?

You can add comments to each file.

So far, there has been the following problem with the use of Dropbox in a team: Comments on a Dropbox-file had to be made on another platform, without being attached or linked to a file. This missing link between communication and file lead to the problem that information and comments were lost in a short time. By using Stackfield there are the following advantages: You can directly comment on Dropbox-files within Stackfield. As a result, no information about a file is lost after some time. Furthermore, files can be attached to tasks and notes. This allows a smooth workflow without the need to constantly switch between different tools for communication, tasks or files.

All files are always up to date

Once you change a file in the Dropbox it will also be available on Stackfield. Thus your team is always up to date. Everything happens automatically!

Coming soon: Dropbox integration – Part 2

In addition to the integration of individual files we will soon release another update which allows synchronization of entire folders with Stacks. This version of the integration will store all files from a Stack in the Dropbox-folder automatically, and vice versa alike.

The integration of Dropbox is for all users, Basic and Pro, available. We will expand the range of integrations step by step. What integrations would you like to see on Stackfield?

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