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The new way to search

2 min read  •  July 28, 2015
Besides working on the next major update, we have completely redesigned and improved the search. You are now able to use the following features:

New position of the search

The search is now positioned in the upper left corner.

The search is no longer on top of the room list, but always accessible in the upper left corner. Thereby you can access the search, represented by a magnifying glass-icon, all the time without switching to the room list. The search bar in the room list remains and serves as a way to filter the rooms.

Shortcuts for search

Use shortcuts to search faster.

The shortcut ctrl+k on Windows and cmd+k on Mac opens the search bar. You can type directly, without having to click into the search input field. Once a word has been entered, you can navigate through the results and option by using the arrow keys. Simply press enter to execute the selected search option.

Switching rooms

The search contains the five latest used rooms.

The search includes a list of the five most recently used rooms, whereby switching between the rooms is made easier. By using the shortcut ctrl+k / cmd+k and the arrow keys, switching between these rooms is made more quickly.

Searching for rooms and direct messages

Search for rooms and navigate by using the arrow keys.

If a room is not in the list of the five most used rooms, it can be easily searched. Once at least a single letter has been entered into the search bar, all rooms are displayed that contain the search term in either the name of the data room or a user of the data room. This provides a possibility to quickly change rooms even if they are used less frequently. Again, the results can be selected using the arrow keys and invoked by pressing enter.

Quick Search

Use the quick search options to gather information from all rooms.

In addition to the classic search and the list of recently used rooms, the search includes predefined search options. The main point „Quick Tasks Search“ contains options for „Open Tasks“ and „Closed Tasks“, through which all open and closed tasks from all rooms can be displayed directly.

Search for chat messages, files, notes, tasks and comments

Search for all types of content from unencpryted rooms.

Of course, you can also use the search for any content type and data from unencrypted rooms. After entering the search term, you can navigate with the arrow keys through the different search options. Press enter to select a search option. This will open a new pop up that contains the search results. These results can be filtered by the creator of the content. If the wrong search option is selected, a new search must not be made, because the type of search can be changed afterwards. The buttons for changing the search option or filtering by creator can be found within the search bar of the pop up.

What's next?

We continue to work hard on the next major update, which will bring many new calendar features. As always, we welcome any suggestions and feedback on the new features!

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