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Recurring tasks, reminders, quick selection and time

2 min read  •  June 25, 2015
While the last update of Stackfield dealt mainly with the optimization of the collaboration and the team structure, the new update brings a lot of improvements for tasks:

Quick selection of the due date

Schnelle Auswahl des Fälligkeitsdatums.

With the revision of the tasks we have added a quick selection for due dates. Two clicks are now enough to set a due date. The first click on the due date field opens a dialog in which various intelligent dates are available. With the second click, simply select one of the available options, for example "Next Monday". The rest happens automatically - you won't need to search for the exact date.

Due date with time

Fälligkeitsdatum mit Uhrzeit.

In addition to the quick selection of a due date, you can now determinate due dates more precisely. This can now be done by adding a time, at which the task should be done. In order to facilitate your work with the time field, you are able to change the date format in the account settings (tab: Account). You have the choice between the 24-hour or 12-hour format. To select the time for a due date, select "Date & Time" after you have clicked on the field for the due date. This will open a dialog where you can simply enter the time.

Reminders for tasks

Erinnerungen für Aufgaben.

Important tasks and deadlines should not be overlooked under any circumstances. For this reason, it's possible to create reminders for tasks. The reminders can be set by clicking on "Date & Time" after selecting the field for the due date. On the one hand, predefined periods are available, on the other hand you can freely set any time. If the task is not closed until the reminder triggers, the assigned person will receive a notification via email and directly on Stackfield.

Recurring tasks

Wiederkehrende Aufgaben.

Many processes lead to tasks that need to be repeated at certain intervals. These processes are facilitated by the new recurring tasks. You can create recurring tasks by choosing the due date of a task and selecting "Date & Time", where you can set certain intervals after which the task needs to be done again. There are predefined intervals available, but you can also choose custom intervals. The list and card view for tasks only displays the next task, which needs to be done. Once this task is closed, the next task will be created with the same settings as the old one.

What follows next?

The next update of Stackfield will focus on a revision of the calendar and an integration of relevant external service providers for calendars.

Feel free to leave us your wishes for future updates or feature requests in the comment section or in the support channel.

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