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Stackfield 3 Will Be Released on March 25th

2 min read  •  February 13, 2017
Dear Stackfield users,

UPDATE, 02.03.2017: We have to postpone the date of the update to 25.03.2017, but there will be additional features, which will contribute to a great update!

First of all, I would like to announce a great news, while also providing an answer to the question that has been asked quite frequently in the recent weeks: the update to Stackfield 3 will be carried out on 25.03.2017 (we have selected a Saturday in order to limit as much as possible the number of users that may be affected by potential offline-times during the update).

Unfortunately, the update took longer than initially anticipated, but we are confident that the implemented changes will be a big step forward for Stackfield and that our users will fully benefit from the significant added value of the new version.

Contrary to a client project, in which the requirements are defined and processed in line with product specifications, the development of a platform such as Stackfield is less static: it is not just a matter of functions, but mostly a matter of processes that are meant to facilitate team work – and they are really difficult to test and check for usefulness only on paper. At the same time, it is important to find a suitable compromise for implementing all the changes as ultimately tens of thousands of users have to work with Stackfield and these changes. In order to master this exact balancing act and to maintain Stackfield’s previous clarity, which can be quickly lost by adding unnecessary functions, we have created a variety of concepts in the past months that we have tested with the help of test groups. Some ideas that were highly appreciated in the beginning were ultimately rejected at this stage. Over the past few months, we have received a lot of positive feedback in regards to Stackfield’s ease of use and precisely this clarity we are trying to preserve, being cautious about not losing it through complex processes.

Unfortunately, due to the numerous concepts and testing, we were unable to release an interim update or to announce an expected release date, as we simply did not know when the desired result will be reached. Additionally, we wanted to avoid the situation of having to postpone several times the release date. Nevertheless, we completely understand that our communication in regards to this update led to some criticism and we assure you that we do not take this lightly. We are committed to finding a more suitable approach for next updates!

We thank you for your understanding and trust and we embark now on the final sprint – we look forward to revealing shortly the best Stackfield ever!

Cristian Mudure, CEO Stackfield

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Cristian Mudure
About the Author:
Cristian Mudure is the Founder and CEO of Stackfield. He loves digital business models and spends his spare time on the tennis court.
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