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The new global Search

2 min read  •  July 18, 2018

As already announced in our last blog post, we have planned many changes and new features for the coming weeks and months - and today we've released a new version of a really important feature: the search is now more intuitive, faster and more comfortable to use than ever before, because the search for data in encrypted rooms is finally possible. Below you will learn more about the exact functions and how they were realized.

Search through all modules

Until now, the search could only be carried out for each module individually. With today's update of the search directly contains all data, regardless of whether it is a task, an appointment, etc. The only distinction that still exists is the differentiation between communication, consisting of messages and comments, and all other modules. In our tests, we found that messages - also due to the often high number of search results - make the search results very confusing when you're searching for another item, so this distinction must be made to simplify the search.

Filtering the results

Once the search query has been made, the results can be filtered at any time using the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the search. This filtering is done according to modules or via the superordinate functions "All" or "All messages".


The new search is done live and immediately when you stop typing, so the results are available with almost no delay. In addition, the search is now displayed in a single windows and no site changes are happeing - all features are available directly in the search mask.

Search in encrypted rooms

The most exciting innovation is the search of encrypted rooms. When using encrypted rooms, the data is encrypted directly on your device and also stored in this state on our servers. This makes a so-called server-side search - as it is usually used to search data - not possible, because Stackfield has no possibility to decrypt the data.

To search the encrypted rooms, the data is therefore decrypted on your device and then searched locally. This fully preserves the security of the data and enables the browsing of encrypted data. Since this process takes a little longer than searching unencrypted data, the search for data in encrypted rooms must be manually selected. The search for encrypted data is happening in blocks of 10,000 entries each.

Other useful features

The search can also be used to quickly switch between rooms by opening the search with the key combination "ctrl" + "k" / "cmd" + "k" and by typing in the first letters of a room, followed by pressing Enter to switch to the selected room.

We hope you enjoy the new search and we will be back in a few days with the next new feature!

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