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Time for new features!

2 min read  •  December 04, 2017
With Stackfield 3, we already added the time tracking this year and with our latest update it was time for some new features and improvements, which we describe below:


The time tracking button within a task now allows you to add time entries or an estimate directly. By clicking on the same button, a timer can be started, which runs during the editing time of the task, no matter if you’re switching rooms or opening other tasks.

The timer is displayed in the left sidebar below the dashboard and only appears when the task's processing time is being measured. While the timer represents the current tracking time, the total editing time of the task is shown within the task and in the card view.

In order to stop the timer, simply click on it, which opens the associated task and the timer can be stopped there.

After ending the time measurement, a text input field opens in which a description of the activities performed can be stored. We always recommend leaving an entry here, as it makes it much easier to create reports within „Everything“.

Quick access to the last tasks

To simplify working with the time tracking and timer, there is now a way to quickly access the tasks to which you have recently added time entries.

These tasks can be opened via the "Everything" feature and the subsequent selection of "Time Tracking" and "Last active". Alternatively, the key combination "Ctrl" + "b" can be used to call up the list of recently used tasks.

Quick selection for time entries

The addition of time entries is now simplified by a feature that has already been available for events and tasks: The duration / needed time no longer needs to be typed with the keyboard, but can quickly be selected by using the mouse pointer and the quick selection feature.


Through the "Everything" feature, more accurate and versatile reports can now be created.

The time entries of the last month of a person are needed? No problem! Fine-grained settings can be made with the wide-ranging filter options and thus individual reports can be compiled.

By clicking on "Print and Export“, which is displayed after a click on „More“ in the upper right corner, these reports can then be saved locally or printed. As soon as the export view opens, the name of the report can also be adjusted by clicking on the title.

Estimates without previous time entries

From now on, estimates can also be created via the time recording button within a task without the need to leave a time entry before that. This significantly simplifies the time recording workflow and also allows for other use cases, such as an estimate by the creator of the task.

Overall, these features greatly simplify the use of time tracking and thus help all users of Stackfield to keep track of their work. If we can make further improvements here, we would be very happy to receive your feedback!

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Cristian Mudure
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Cristian Mudure is the Founder and CEO of Stackfield. He loves digital business models and spends his spare time on the tennis court.
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