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EMC Home of Data implements complex hot-swapping projects

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  • GDPR compliance, end-to-end encryption and numerous security settings promise high-level data protection
  • Seamless communication channels ensure transparency, precision and speed
  • Daily dashboard using My Week
  • Clear division of work and on-time process planning with Kanban and Gantt

About EMC Home of Data GmbH

Since 2007, EMC Home of Data has operated owner-managed, state-of-the-art data center spaces as "future-proof homes" for its customers' IT systems. As the basis the colocation specialist sees customized data center solutions with maximum availability and efficiency, maximum scalability and a partner ecosystem that bundles specialized expertise for its customers. When it comes to the topic of security, Bernhard Huter, CEO and founder of EMC Home of Data GmbH, pricks up his ears: "Our motivation is to support our customers in the implementation of their digital strategy as partners and on a long-term basis. This also includes a clear commitment to German and European data protection."

Bernhard Huter – CEO at EMC Home of Data GmbH

The campus of the data center has been certified several times and has been operated in a 100% carbon-neutral manner with regional green electricity from hydropower since 2012. Together with the campus operator, customers from industry and trade, from administration, banking and insurance as well as internet and managed service providers realize colocation projects with between 3 and 500 server racks.

Our initial position

According to Huter, the enormous growth of EMC Home of Data GmbH in particular led to a major challenge: "It was no longer guaranteed that each employee would 'automatically' receive all the important information and that we would be able to maintain our usual high standards of reliability on the market." The traditional office tools could no longer measure up to the scale. By digitalizing internal processes, Huter was hoping for a clearer and more efficient collaboration within the company. The goal was to establish new, clearer communication channels and an optimal representation of project management within the individual teams.

Why Stackfield?

When searching for a suitable project management and communication solution, EMC Home of Data particularly focused on IT security and data protection. Huter wished for a provider that shared the company's views and complied with the strict German guidelines. With Stackfield, he found exactly the right tool that met his requirements.

"Stackfield is a dynamic team from Munich that takes a similar stance to us when it comes to the admittedly dry, but important topic of data protection for our location in Germany."

"Central to our decision was that, as a German data center operator, we only wanted to rely on a GDPR-compliant solution hosted in Germany", explains Huter. When it came to hosting sensitive data, he did not want to and could not compromise. "After all, until this decision, all project data was exclusively stored on our own servers on our campus."

Stackfield convinces with outstanding security standards

As a German provider, Stackfield is exclusively subject to the German data protection laws and is therefore fully committed to GDPR compliance. Yet, the standards of the tool go far beyond the scope of the legally defined guidelines.

Client-side end-to-end encryption ensures that all data is already encrypted during the upload and is also stored in this state in the German data centers. This means that sensitive content cannot be viewed by third parties or by the platform operator itself. Advanced security settings allow administrators to finetune the use of the platform to their own internal compliance policies.

Click here, to find out more about the security standards of Stackfield.

'Lossless' communication, clear task assignment and independent room configuration

The trust that customers place in the data center operator requires a one-hundred percent reliability in keeping all promises to stakeholders and is Bernhard Huter's top priority. In his view, an uncomplicated and direct cooperation without controversy between the individual groups of people is a prerequisite for this.

Stackfield is used across the company, bringing together various user groups – from the in-house marketing team to external specialist, such as tradespeople. According to the CEO, service providers are "contracted and scheduled through tasks created in Stackfield". Employees communicate and work in cross-company rooms as well as in team-specific project rooms depending on purpose and subject.

What the CEO particularly likes about the rooms in Stackfield is "the freedom in configuring the rooms to suit the requirements at hand", as they can be set up freely in terms of their range of functions and adapted to individual workflows.

"Stackfield helps with effectively reducing complexity to the necessary level and staying focused without having to carry a lot of unnecessary baggage."

Numerous processes have been facilitated by using Stackfield. In this regard, Huter appreciates the function My Week, which displays all tasks and appointments on a daily basis. "The preparation for the upcoming week or the next day is accessible via phone or computer in a matter of seconds and can also quickly be changed, if necessary." This way, a lean and efficient corporate management is no problem for Huter.

Effortlessly mastering complex projects using Kanban and Gantt

One of the biggest customer projects at EMC Home of Data in 2020 was a major relocation project for the international IT group Fujitsu, which involved the expansion of around 1,500 sqm of data center space. The great challenge: The relocation was carried out in the form of "hot swaps", that is during ongoing operations, with the computers being put back into operation at their new location on campus on the very day they were dismantled at the old location.

Bernhard Huter was aware that a project of this dimension would require, in particular, perfect planning and clear coordination with all parties involved. "To do this, we set up data center space specifically planned for the customer in advance in five expansion steps, which means we planned, built and tested it and made it available at precisely defined dates over the course of the year," clarifies Huter.

EMC Home of Data Insights
Stackfield facilitates the expansion of data center spaces without any problems

For such projects, Stackfield offers specifically tailored project rooms with wide-ranging functions for planning, managing and monitoring. Project views, such as the Kanban board and the Gantt chart in particular, help to represent individual workflows and precisely scheduled process flows with task dependencies.

"Using a central project room in Stackfield, in which all (approx. 1,000) items were subdivided into individual topics and planned and tracked on a daily basis, we were able to manage the project with the highest level of satisfaction for our client."

The highest level of customer satisfaction and maximum security – two aspects that are as important to Stackfield as they are to EMC Home of Data.

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