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MID: Global control of project management with Stackfield

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About MID

MID has successfully positioned itself as an expert in the area of business-IT alignment. Specializing in the modeling of business processes, software, and enterprise architecture, the company offers support in all aspects: competent consulting for the successful completion of IT projects, functional tools such as the in-house modeling tool Innovator, and comprehensive, didactic training - from concrete application courses for the in-house tools to practical advanced training courses in the areas of BPM, EAM, BI and software development.

Christoph Bergner – Shareholder at MID

Here's how Stackfield is deployed at MID

The teams at MID GmbH use Stackfield to control global project management and to implement communication for product launches transparently and efficiently. "I don't think we would have achieved nearly the same level of efficiency for our last product release without Stackfield," reports Christoph Bergner, shareholder at MID. In his company, global teams can collaborate flawlessly despite large geographical distances, which is essential for all team members.

"Our global team was quickly convinced by Stackfield because the platform is tangible and can be used regardless of location. We can find all important info, news, and updates in one central place. It allows us to communicate quickly and easily and focus on what's important: efficient task processing."

Always perfectly organized with the Kanban Board

"Since we picked Stackfield, the Kanban Board has been at the core of our global team's collaboration," Bergner said. While many teams had to reorganize during the Corona crisis, processes continued unchanged. "Nothing is more efficient than an all-digital process when it's based on the real needs of employees, like Stackfield. Our team sits in six different time zones - there's no difference between changing floors or getting on a plane to meet a colleague in person. The barrier to efficient exchange is the same."

"A tool like Stackfield saves us tens of thousands of dollars month after month in the form of time that we can spend on other things."

By sharing a common view of the tasks at hand, the MID team can manage itself independently for the most part. For Bergner, this is particularly important because it allows agile decisions to be made that move the entire project and the team in a targeted and sustainable way.

Another advantage of the Kanban Board: The developers also track their working times via the tasks, which allows a precise effort analysis to be made retrospectively.

Numerous small features increase team efficiency

For Bergner, it is rather the small functionalities, such as the simple insertion of screenshots via copy & paste, the uploading of files via drag & drop, or the commenting of images, that set Stackfield apart from other providers - because they save time. "When coordinating with the team, even just sharing screenshots directly in Stackfield has saved some detours and follow-up questions and, above all, time that we would otherwise have laboriously discussed via video calls, emails and meetings."

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