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KW NEUN manages projects more efficiently thanks to Stackfield

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  • GDPR requirements from Stackfield as a crucial criterion in the selection process
  • Transparency ensures better communication and more security in the course of the project
  • All important functions are accessible in a single tool for day-to-day work
  • With the help of Stackfield, projects are implemented in less time and thus more cost-effectively

About KW NEUN Graphic and Advertising Agency

KW NEUN is an award-winning design agency based in Augsburg, Bavaria. The agency helps companies make their design and communication media more attractive, confident, and effective. The interdisciplinary team focuses on strategic and visual design development and advertising.

The initial situation

The KW NEUN team sometimes found itself in tricky project management situations when working with customers: customer feedback ended up in the email folder of a colleague, the project manager could not access it directly, and in the course of the project there were ambiguities between the individual participants. The process when needed information had to be handed over was time-consuming and at times incomplete - after all, something always gets lost in the narrative of a project when information is only shared verbally. The agency was aware they needed a different way to collaborate with clients and external parties. Now, the time was right for a digital project management tool.

Why Stackfield?

Gabriella Sandor, Strategic Planning & Project Management at KW NEUN, shares the journey towards Stackfield: "I checked out everything available on the market. I was busy for a long time and thanks to additional support, only ten tools remained due to the GDPR. Six of these were UK-based, which was out of the question due to the large number of municipal customers we serve. In the end, there were only a few left to choose from, and Stackfield was proving to be better than the rest." Data protection was some sort of big filter that was applied to the search for the right tool and quickly eliminated a large percentage. However, KW NEUN chose Stackfield not just because of data privacy, but ultimately because of the tool's scope and performance:

„Stackfield combines everything we need: Collaboration, project management, project planning, involving our team, customers and external parties. Stackfield's functionality and quality were the winning arguments!“
- Gabriella Sandor - Strategic Planning & Project Management at KW NEUN

Nothing to worry about in terms of data protection - even from the customer's point of view

Since there was a strong focus on data protection aspects in the selection process, another major challenge could be solved at the same time, according to Sandor: Any software used together with a customer usually has to be approved by the respective IT first - this is especially the case with customers operating on a municipal level. This approval is now no longer a problem, as Stackfield meets the highest GDPR requirements. "The ultimate jackpot for us."

Ready for takeoff within minutes thanks to Stackfield

Since Stackfield has been in use, a clear process has been established: Whenever a new customer is gained, KW NEUN invites them directly to the tool. The project planning starts, and all relevant information is prepared for the entire team, both internally and externally. After only a few minutes, the collaboration can start - easier than ever before.

„Even the 60-year-old, non-digital native, immediately understands how the software works and is uploading files, creating their account, and getting all the details right away within the first hour.“

Initial concerns are taken away within a brief period of time

Gabriella Sandor was aware that fears and initial hesitations about using a new software solution had to be reduced. Particularly in the creative area, some team members feared being subjected to greater pressure due to centrally visible deadlines and strict specifications. However, these and similar fears were quickly dispelled: "In fact, the opposite is the case. A lot of extra arrangements or feedback loops are eliminated, because it's much clearer to see what you have to do. And this way freedom increases, and you can focus on the things that need to be done." In addition, the personal exchange - showing, explaining, testing - is particularly helpful. For all further questions and ambiguities, the Stackfield support team offers assistance. "Everything is presented in a super understandable way and the support's live chat is fantastic!" Mut zu etwas Neun

The world belongs to the brave - this conviction is part of the agency's recipe for success

More transparency in project communication

For the team, using Stackfield on a project-by-project basis means one thing above all: more transparency. "Members know where the project stands at all times. This includes, for example: the planned schedule, how are the timings, who has to deliver what, where and when will it be delivered and who is currently working on it." Previously, files were still exchanged by mail within the feedback loops, and it wasn't always directly clear who was seeing which mail and when. "Now, it does not depend on the users anymore, as everyone involved can directly view uploaded items. Meanwhile, handoffs to the team and feedback loops with the customers are seamless. The focus is on the work that needs to be done. You can concentrate on what's important."

The KW NEUN team communicates in a more targeted and efficient manner overall. Presentations are not sent and explained via email. Now, a new presentation is uploaded to Stackfield, can be commented on there directly, and everyone always stays up to date. Long, confusing email chains and internal forwarding to the team are eliminated. "Everyone is in direct communication, nothing gets lost, and information keeps flowing." Sandor points out that the team's focus on their work has improved greatly, as many communication issues have disappeared into thin air.

Office KW NEUN
A glimpse into the office of KW NEUN

Another important aspect is the collection of all important information in one location. In the case of customer phone calls, the call note is posted directly in Stackfield and team members save time as repeated arrangements are reduced. "The history of a project is always carried along and can be viewed at any time by those authorized." This is a key advantage, especially for longer projects.

„This transparency also gives the customer a sense of security in the project process. The work does not disappear in a black box, but the customer can see who is currently working on which step..“

All important functions for everyday work in one place

One feature of Stackfield makes everyday life much easier: Gantt charts. Project planning becomes easier to comprehend, dependencies of the individual steps become more obvious, and can be easily viewed. The team at KW NEUN can immediately adjust postponements and identify conflicts. "We can communicate postponements better and consequences on the project's timeline are immediately apparent." "This way, the communication of the consequence of a postponement like that is directly visible"! Furthermore, all functions related to communication can no longer be omitted: phone calls, video conferencing, and screen sharing. "Stackfield is an asset for our entire team because it connects everything we need." From Sandor's perspective, Stackfield manages to turn five software solutions into one. "It's a solution that has everything in one place and is developed close to the user. And it works for any industry!"

The cost and time savings are enormous

Using Stackfield across the team and in collaboration with clients makes a clear difference in what a project used to cost and what it costs today.

„Using Stackfield clearly pays for itself, as projects can be carried out in a more efficient amount of time.“

Agile working with the tool has a positive effect on everyone involved. Even billing runs more transparently, even if parts of it deviate from the original quote because every feedback loop is documented. "You can tell what work has been completed. There's simply one place where everything about that project resides. So projects run more stably and smoothly - for us and our customers. We no longer have to convince anyone of the benefits of Stackfield, that is obvious across the industry.“

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